welcome to mrs mekari s class nphs 12cp english n.
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Welcome to Mrs. Mekari’s Class NPHS 12CP English PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Mrs. Mekari’s Class NPHS 12CP English

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Welcome to Mrs. Mekari’s Class NPHS 12CP English - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Mrs. Mekari’s Class NPHS 12CP English. Education/Degrees Pepperdine Graduate School of Education and Philosophy – MS Educational Leadership Preliminary Administrative Credential California Lutheran University Clear Single Subject Credential – English

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about your teacher


Pepperdine Graduate School of Education and Philosophy –

MS Educational Leadership

Preliminary Administrative Credential

California Lutheran University

Clear Single Subject Credential – English

Clear Multiple Subject Credential – Elementary

BA – Liberal Studies

Work Experience

Newbury Park High School – English (current)

Pepperdine University, MAE Adjunct Professor (2013-current)

Options For Youth Charter School, Curriculum Design (2007-2009)

Westlake High School - English (2005 – 2007)

West Valley Christian High School - English (2000-2005)

Trinity Christian Elementary School – 5th/6th Grade (1995-2000)


best friend

Met and began dating at 16 (look around … it could happen to you!)

Finished school and married in 1997

Moved to Conejo Valley in 1999

Started a family in 2004

Celebrating 22 years this October!


Maddy – 9 years old

Sharp as a tack – keeps me on my toes!

Elly – 6years old

Attitude for days – keeps me on my toes!


bungee jumping 18 stories off a crane over a tiny pool in vegas

18 Stories off a crane over a tiny pool in VEGAS!!!

MY GREATEST ADVENTURE!(Besides Parenting!)

important class policies

Student Responsibilities:

Attend class and be on time.

Be prepared to contribute to class discussions by completing all assignments, reading and written, when due.

Bring materials to class each day.

Successfully complete the course, achieving the highest grade possible for the student.

Class Rules:

Inappropriate and/or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. This behavior undermines the learning of the student and the class.

Honest and personal integrity are expected.

Be on time.

Bring all materials and required work to class.

Be prepared to participate in class activities and discussions.

Water is allowed in class, but other food, drink, and snack items are not.

Use the restroom on your time whenever possible. Do not abuse the hall pass!

Important Class Policies

policies cont

Cliff’s Notes Policy (All Supplementary Notes):

Supplementary notes are not to be used in this class unless specifically approved, suggested, or supplied by the teacher. It is critical that the literature assigned in class is read completely in order to learn the skills of evaluation and analysis. I consider this cheating and would encourage you to read and think for yourselves. Cheating, in general, will be dealt with according to district academic dishonesty policy.

Plagiarism: To take another person’s ideas, writing or inventions as one’s own. (Who is Cliff anyway? Rely on yourselves!)

Policies, cont.

course overview

Course Rationale:This course covers a broad spectrum of literature that focuses on the American Journey within literature. Students will read, analyze and compare various selections, including fiction, nonfiction, drama, poetry and short stories. This course provides a balanced, unified program of instruction in language, literature, and composition.

Course Objectives:

Develop an appreciation and understanding of literature.

Develop an appreciation of literature and various authors through lecture, readings, discussions, writings, and projects.

Enhance writing skills through a variety of assignments on subjects related to literary themes, student experiences, and student interests.

Develop oral skills through presentations and class discussions.

Enhance listening and study skills to enable students to be independent learners and critical thinkers.

Grow awareness of individual learning styles.

Course Overview

what do i expect from you
What Do I Expect From You?

Respect – for me, yourself, your peers, for

literature, and for learning

Honesty – academic honesty, personal


Attention – undivided when it is my turn

Effort – the best you have to give

academically, personally, and creatively

Creativity – in thinking, speaking, and writing

Voice – speak up, your opinion is valid and will be

heard and respected

Patience – bumps, adjustments, and delays are

inevitable! 


Homework will vary. It will almost always consist of one or more of the following items:

Read in your core novel

Write for your core novel or current writing assignment

Complete work not finished in class



All graded assignments will fit into four categories:

Category 1: Preparedness and Participation (5 pts.)

Category 2: Homework and Classwork (10 pts.)

Category 3: Quizzes and Journals (15-25 pts.)

Category 4: Tests, Projects, and Papers (100 pts. and up)

Full Credit: On time HC and tii.com

70% Credit: One day late

50% Credit: 2 days late

0% Credit: 3 or more days late

Grades are calculated by dividing the total points earned by the total points possible.



Each student is required to have a Turnitin.com account and should submit all required assignments on time or they will receive zero credit.

Hard copies of typed assignments are almost ALWAYS due in class on the same day they are due to Turnitin.com.

Technology is not always my friend!  I will try to have ZANGLE updated about every 3-4 weeks. If you see a score that is missing a grade – please don’t panic, it only means it has not been entered yet. When you see zeros – then you can panic 

I have a teacher website on Teacherweb.com (The link is listed at the top of your student contract)