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  1. SUBJECT: ENGLISH CLASS- VIII By: Mrs. Manju Pal TGT(English) Mob: 9974969446 KV SAC, A’bad

  2. INTRODUCTION • Major Ahluwalia was a member of the first team conquering Mt. Everest in 1965. • He was awarded the Padma Bhushan award in 2002. • Major Ahluwalia is also the chairman of the Rehabilitation Council of India and is a recipient of several awards like Padma Sri, Arjuna award, the National Award for the best work done in the field of Disability, the Order of the Khalsa (Nissan A Khalsa). • He has written several books like Higher than Everest, Beyond the Himalayas, Everest is within you. • He won the Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award for lifetime achievement on August 29, 2009. Even after climbing Mount Everest he had a question in his mind 'why Everest?' Major H.P.S. Ahluwalia

  3. OBJECTIVES • To enable the students to develop reading skills • To make them aware why man takes up tasks which are adventurous • To make the students aware of the challenges faced by man and how they overcome them

  4. SUMMARY In this extract he tells about his feelings standing on the highest peak of the world. Climbing Mount Everest brings a deep sense of humility anda tinge of sadness too. It follows a deep sense of joy and thankfulness . The experience changes one completely.

  5. A climb to a summit means- °Endurance °Persistence °Will power.

  6. Mountains are a means of communion with God. Climbing high mountains is a difficult task but man feels great in overcoming difficulties. Mountain climbing tests one’s physical strength and will power. The success is followed by a sense of fulfilment or satisfaction. It is a proof for man’s love for adventure.

  7. It is an ennobling, enriching experience to just look down from the summit of a mountain. On reaching the peak one bows down and makes his obeisance to which ever God one worships.

  8. The writer says there is another summit to climb. It is within yourself, your own mind. The most difficult task is to know oneself. One has to do it alone and oneself. The Everest experience inspired the writer to face life boldly.


  10. ASSIGNMENT I Read the questions below and choose the right options - 1.The obstacles in climbing a mountain are • Physical • Emotional • Social 2. Mountains are a means of • Communion with society • Communion with man • Communion with God 3. After climbing the summit • One has a feeling of sorrow • One has a feeling of victory and happiness • One has a feeling of despair

  11. SOLUTIONS I • Physical b) Communion with God c) One has a feeling of victory and happiness

  12. ASSIGNMENTII Pick out words from chapter which mean the same as- 1.The act of communicating or sharing 2.To induce a lively feeling 3.Something that stands in the way

  13. SOLUTIONS II 1.Communion 2.Exhilarating 3.Obstacles

  14. ASSIGNMENTIII Answer the following questions 1. How does Ahluwalia explain the title of the lesson, “The summit within”? 2. How did the writer feel standing on the summit? 3. How does Ahluwalia describe his achievement? 4. What are the problems the climbers face as they climb a mountain?

  15. SOLUTIONSIII Ans. 1. →Great achievement → Merely a physical experience → Another summit with every person →Changes the man completely Ans. 2 →Adventure though risky was worthwhile → surrounding peaks like jewelled mountains → Enriching and Ennobling experience Ans. 3 →Not just a physical climb →Sense of fulfilment →Experience not just physical but also emotional and spiritual Ans. 4 →Breathing at great height - difficult →Climber curses for undertaking such a task →Moments when he feels going back for relief

  16. ASSIGNMENTIV • ACROSS • 2)State of Feeling of close relationship • 4) Being rejoicefuldue to success • 6) To excite very much • 8) With Determination • 10) A painful experience • DOWN • 1) Mountain Peak • 3) Dare to do or say • 5) The view of a wide area • 7) Climb • 9) Tiredness


  18. References: • Honeydew Text Book 2. Webster’s Student Dictionary

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