by robert mccammon n.
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Boy’s Life 9 PowerPoint Presentation
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Boy’s Life 9

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Boy’s Life 9 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By Robert McCammon. Boy’s Life 9. Quotations. “ Beggin ’ your pardon. Suh . Jus’ couldn’t pass it up.”

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  • “ Beggin’ your pardon. Suh. Jus’ couldn’t pass it up.”
  • “Everybody needs to know where they’ve been, it seems to me. Not just blackskins, but whiteskins, too. Seems to me if a person loses the past, he can’t find the future either. Which is what this place is all about.”
  • “ I staggered on. Everywhere I looked, there was only mean concrete. I saw not a hill nor a trace of green. I lifted my face, but the stars were blanked out and the night a gray wash. We turned a corner and I heard a clatter. A mall white dog was searching desperately through garbage cans, its ribs showing. Suddenly a hulking man was there, and he said, ‘Now, I’ve got you’ as the dog stood staring at him with a banana peel in its mouth. The man lifted a baseball bat and slammed it down across the dog’s back. The dog howled with pain and thrashed, its spine broken, the banana peel lost. The man stood over it, and he lifted the baseball bat and brought it down and then the dog had no more muzzle or eyes, just a smashed red ruin. The white legs kept kicking, as if trying to run.”
  • . “ Mr. Cathcoate has the heart of a boy. Oh, Lord, I’ll miss that man.” 
  • “ Well,” Dad said, “it seems to me we didn’t have enough faith in you, did we, partner?” He ruffled my hair. It was nice, being back.”
the big questions
The Big Questions
  • How is boyhood defined by this book?
  • Does Cory really get his dad back?
  • What does Cory learn on his “fantasy” tour?
  • What is poetic justice? How does it occur in this segment of the book?
  • Who is responsible for the dead man? Why?
final bl terms
Final BL Terms
  • Rising Action 
  • Climax 
  • Falling Action (Resolution)
  •  Main Idea
  •  Parallel Episodes
  • Sandy 
  • Skye
  • Dr. Lezander
  • Kara 
  • Mr. Steiner 
  • Triceratops 
  • Tom Mackenson
  • Hell is for Heroes
  • Mr. Lightfoot 
  • Ben 
  • Johnny 
  • 33 
  • Mr. Hannaford 
  • $20.00 a week 
  • Ray Bradbury