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Tudors. By Connie x. Royal Tudors. Henry VII, his son Henry VIII and his three children Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth ruled for 118 eventful years. Henry VIII Wives. Anne of Cleves 1540 Jan. - July Divorced. Catherine of Aragon 1509 to 1533 Divorced. Anne Boleyn

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By Connie x

royal tudors
Royal Tudors

Henry VII, his son Henry VIII and his three children Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth ruled for 118 eventful years.

henry viii wives
Henry VIII Wives

Anne of Cleves

1540 Jan. - JulyDivorced

Catherine of Aragon 1509 to 1533 Divorced

Anne Boleyn

1533 to 1536 Beheaded

Kathryn Howard 1540 - 1542Beheaded

Katherine Parr 1543 – 1547


Jane Seymour

1536 to1537 Died

the mary rose
The Mary Rose

The Mary Rose was King Henry VIII's favorite warship and he named the ship after his sister. The ship was built in 1509, the year Henry VIII came to the throne. It is not known exactly what happened to cause the sinking of the ship, but one theory suggests that the crew fired the guns on one side of the ship and were turning the ship to fire the guns on the other side. Unfortunately, they failed to close the gun ports and a combination of this and the wind caused the ship to tilt, fill with water and sink.

life in tudor times
Life in Tudor times

Life in Tudor Britain was harsh - the average life expectancy was just 35 years. Most Tudor people lived in the countryside, but some people lived in towns or big Tudor cities like London, Bristol or Norwich. Tudor England was a farming society. Most of the population (over 90 %) lived in small villages and made their living from farming. Under Tudor rule England became a more peaceful and richer place.

school in tudor time
School in Tudor time
  • Not many children went to school in Tudor times. Those that did go were mainly the sons of wealthy or working families who could afford to pay the attendance fee. Boys began school at the age of 4 and moved to grammar school when they were 7. Girls were either kept at home by their parents to help with housework or sent out to work to bring money in for the