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  1. THE TUDORS By: Julie Burgess, Christina Theocharous, Maeve Henry & Natalie Heppe

  2. Reasons for choosing the Tudors • One of the most pivotal periods of English history • Interesting cross curricular links • Covered extensively in the NC • We have a good prior knowledge of the subject area

  3. Focus Lesson- History • QCA- Unit 8 section 2- ‘How comfortable were the lives of the rich Tudor people? • NC- PoS 10 which links to the Tudors and the wider world • Our focus lesson is part of a series of lessons related to differences between rich and poor in Tudor times • As part of this area of History, the children have visited a Tudor World Experience

  4. ICT used in focus lesson • During this lesson we would use a video from espresso • Espresso video • We felt this video would enhance the visual and auditory learning of the children, whilst the sorting activity would stimulate the kinaesthetic learners • We would use the IWB for sorting activities • Sorting activity

  5. Tudor Houses Chimney Typically tall, thin and patterned made from moulded or cut brick Roof Could be made of clay, stone tiles or be thatched Timber beams Often coated with tar. It helped prevent rotting Jetty Upper floors were bigger than the ground floor and would overhang Windows Usually casement windows with tiny panes of glass held together with lattice. Glass was first used in Tudor times. Internal beams Wooden framework which supported the houses Shutters Some people only had shutters (mainly poor people)

  6. Foundation Subject – Design and Technology

  7. Core Subject - English • Using previous knowledge, the children would be required to use persuasive writing to sell the houses that they have made in DT • The pictures that they would have taken of their houses will be used as a stimulus for this activity • The finished project will be typed up using Microsoft Word and uploaded onto the webpage we have created.

  8. Worksheet This Tudor house is for sale. Can you use your knowledge of Tudor homes to write a description of the house? Remember that you are trying to persuade people to buy it! FOR SALE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  9. Foundation Subject-P.E • As part of a series of lessons the children would be asked to create and perform a Tudor dance. • The final dance will be recorded for the purpose of self and peer assessment. • Children doing Tudor dance

  10. Wiki • This is a webpage which we created to help the children with homework and to be a resource which they can upload work and pictures on to. • Wiki