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Emperor Penguins

Emperor Penguins

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Emperor Penguins

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  1. Emperor Penguins By DanielleDiDomenico

  2. Introduction Do you ever think about where emperor penguins live? Or what they eat? If you don’t, you will be after you read my piece that’s all about emperor penguins!

  3. Adaptation Emperor Penguins are really cool and they have a lot of adaptations but only one predator! Did you know that they have wings but can’t fly?! Also they huddle close together to escape wind. Their hard, pointed bill allows them to get food. They can also camouflage themselves!

  4. Classification You might think that Emperor Penguins are just black and white but they are way more than that. They can be 3.7 feet tall! The way they camouflage is with white feathers on the belly and black feathers on the back. Most people think that their eyes are brown but they have some red too! Its so cool!!!

  5. Habitat Emperor Penguins do only live in one place but I’m about to tell you all about that place. They live in the southern hemisphere on the Antarctic ice. Not just the Antarctic ice but on pack ice, too. Emperor Penguins don’t just live in the Antarctic but they do live in the deep Antarctic.

  6. Food Penguins usually eat fish but you will be amazed when you see what these penguins eat! Of course they eat fish but they also eat squid, krill, cephalopods and crustaceans! I could not believe it!

  7. Conclusion Now you will definitely be thinking about all those things so I hope you liked learning about Emperor Penguins!

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