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  1. Penguins Choose which type of penguins that you would like to learn more about. King Penguins Emperor Penguins Adelie Penguins Macaroni Penguins Rockhopper Penguins

  2. King Penguins Reports by: AJ Ivory Jordan

  3. Emperor Penguins Reports by: Brittany DJ Elizabeth Jack

  4. Maraconi Penguins Reports By DrenaDestinySara

  5. Adelie Penguins Reports By: MichealPatrick Jenna

  6. Rockhopper Penguins Reports By: Deja Asa Kaitlyn

  7. King penguin • By.Jordan P. King penguins have a unique breeding cycle. King penguins breed in large colonies. Back to King Penguin Page

  8. MACARONI PENGUIN By:Destiny D. The behavior of the Macaroni penguin is wild, normal behavior. The Macaroni penguin has water proof feathers. The Macaroni penguin weighs 5.5kg. Back to Macaroni Penguin Page

  9. Macaroni Penguin By: Drena D. The Macaroni Penguins live in Antarctica. They have yellow and black plumes on the top of the head!!! Back to Macaroni Penguin Page

  10. King Penguin King Penguin By Ivory W. The king penguin eats fish. Also the king penguin chick hatches in 54 days. Back to King Penguin Page

  11. Emperor penguin Emperor penguins lay there eggs in May. They also eat fish and squid. Emperor penguin Back to Emperor Penguin Page

  12. Adelie penguins The Adelie penguin is 75cm and the weight is 3 to 6.5 kg. The penguin is tall. Each eye is encircled by a thin white ring. Adelie penguins breed during the Antarctic summer from December to February. Back to Adelie Penguin Page

  13. Adelie penguin Adelie penguin live on the Antarctic Continent. Adelie penguin have a long tail and has white belly. They are black all over. Back to Adelia Penguin Page

  14. Rockhopper Pengiun The Rockhopper penguin eat fish. They lay their eggs in October. The eggs hatch in six month. By Asa T. Back to Rockhopper Penguin Page

  15. Emperor penguins BY D.J. The Emperor penguins hatch in about three months. Also the biggest penguin is four foot tall. Back to Emperor Penguin Page

  16. Macaroni penguins By Sara W. The Macaroni penguins eat squid and fish. The Macaroni penguin lays the eggs in January. Back to Macaroni Penguin Page

  17. Rockhopper Peguin Rockhopper Penguin lives in New Zealand. The penguin has red eyes. He is black and white. He is really fat. The Rockhopper Penguin eats krill. The penguin is black and white. By: Deja T. Back to Rockhopper Penguin Page

  18. King penguins live in the Antarctic island. They have blue and black backs with white bellies. Golden swish outlined in bold black on sides of their head. They are almost three feet tall. King penguin Aubrey Jamal C. Back to King Penguin Page

  19. By Brittany Lynn Williford Brittany Lynn W. The Emperor penguins live in Antarctica. They have orange patches . The penguins like to eat fish and shark. The Emperor penguins start to lay eggs in May and April. The Emperor penguins eggs will start to hatch in about two months. Emperor penguins Emperor penguins Back to Emperor Penguin Page

  20. Adelie penguins Rock! By Michael A. and Mrs. Davis’s class. I learned that penguins were interesting. Penguins are funny walkers. I chose the Adelie Penguins. They live in Antarctica. They have black and white fur. They also have big brown eyes. The penguin eat small silver fish. They lay eggs early in the season. Back to Adelie Penguin Page

  21. ROCKHOPPER PENGUINS by:Kaitlyn The Rockhopper lives in Antarctic. It looks like it has a red beak. It is black with awhite tummy. The penguin eats fish and squid. It takes ten days to lay eggs. They live in the Antarctic oceans. The Rockhoppers breed in colonies on rocky coasts. They often climb very steep rocks to breed under the overhangs or in caves. Back to Rockhopper Penguin Page

  22. Emperor Penguin The Emperor penguins lives in Antarctica. They have furry bodies. They have black and white furry bodies. Back to Emperor Penguin Page