emperor penguins by mae torrance n.
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Emperor Penguins by Mae Torrance PowerPoint Presentation
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Emperor Penguins by Mae Torrance

Emperor Penguins by Mae Torrance

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Emperor Penguins by Mae Torrance

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  1. Emperor Penguinsby Mae Torrance

  2. The Emperor penguin is the biggest penguin. • Lives 20-50 years • Black, white, and yellow • Webbed feet and long beaks • Have flippers that help them swim Basic Facts

  3. The Emperor Penguin lives in Antarctica • Antarctica is an icy and cold land • Most penguins live in Antarctica • Emperor Penguins are built to survive the cold Habitat

  4. Emperor Penguin mostly feeds on fish (Antarctic silver fish) • The male Emperor Penguin sometimes feeds on squid • A baby Emperor Penguin’s mom will store food in her mouth and then spit it up it into the baby’s mouth Diet

  5. Emperor Penguins are omnivores • Sea lions are above the Emperor Penguin • The Emperor Penguin is not that high because they don’t only eat meat they eat plants too Place in The Food Chain

  6. Global warming • The ice is breaking so they cant have their babies Why is This Animal Endangered?

  7. Global warming is made from pollution we can prevent pollution • We can walk more and not drive so much • Make sure penguins are safe • Use less energy in factories to prevent smoke Things we Can do to Help

  8. ENDANGERED SPECIES: a species of animal or plant in danger of becoming extinct. • WEBBED: having or joined by a web or webbing. • FLIPPERS: a broad, flat limb. • PREDATOR: an animal that only eats meat. • CRUSTACEANS: a type of fish. • FOOD CHAIN: a chart that shows what animals eat. Glossary

  9. About The Author My name is Mae Sylvia Naomi Torrance. I live in Toronto, Ontario. I love to write books and I also love to study animals. I am in gr. 3 and I am 9 years old. I have always been a school girl and I love to make my friends laugh! I also love art and sports. My favorite animal is a panda but I feel like studying an Emperor Penguin. I love animals so much!

  10. Hope You Enjoyed My Presentation!! Copyright@ Mae Torrance