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  1. Penguins!Penguins!penguins! By: Josh Goodman

  2. Table of contents • Introduction • Emperor penguin • Rock hopper penguin • Chinstrap penguin

  3. Introduction Do you know about penguins? If you don’t then you should keep reading.

  4. Emperor penguins • First I am going to tell you about the Emperor penguin. The Emperor penguin has a taste for yummy things like small fish the size of krill. If you want to find them you should look at the Arctic peninsula. If you want to know something about Emperor penguins they are one of the largest species of penguins. Cool!

  5. Rock hopper penguins Next, I am going to tell you about the Rock hopper penguins. Rock hopper penguins eat squid and small fish. They might think that the food is tasty but we would not want to eat it right? If you are a scientist and you want to find these penguins I will tell you that you have to look in the sub-Antarctic and the Indian and Pacific ocean. Wow! Did you know that there favorite thing to do is jumping from rocks? They love to do it in the day time and some of the night time.

  6. Chinstrap penguins • Lastly, I am going to tell you about the cutest one of all. The chinstrap penguins. Imagine that all of the penguins eat the same thing. All of these penguins eat small fish just like the chinstrap. Isn’t that amazing or what?! If you are like me then you should go looking for chinstraps. You should bring your camra because who wouldn’t want to take a picture of our cute friends. They live on a rocky island of the Antarctic ocean. You have to look very closely because they are the smallest species of penguins.