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“Twin Books” Penguins Eve Of The Emperor Penguins

“Twin Books” Penguins Eve Of The Emperor Penguins. Eve of the Emperor Penguin.

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“Twin Books” Penguins Eve Of The Emperor Penguins

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  1. “Twin Books” PenguinsEve Of The Emperor Penguins

  2. Eve of the Emperor Penguin My book is called Eve of the Emperor Penguins by Mary Pope Osborne . The Topic of the book is about penguins. 2 kids named Jack and Annie, travel to Antarctica using their Magic Tree House. Once they are there they meet a couple of scientists and stubborn reporters who try to force Jack and Annie to get back home. Jack and Annie refuse and run away, but the scientists stop them and ask if Jack and Annie can help them. Annie says," Yes” but Jack refuses. Annie begs until Jack says, " OK stop yelling”!

  3. Eve of the Emperor Penguins Jack and Annie then find out that they are in Contemporary times and they have a mission to find the Ancient Crown but how would they with all of these people watching them every day and night? They set out to look for the crown when all of the scientists reporters are sleeping. But instead of finding the Crown they find another reporter looking for them. They find a cave and hide in there until the reporter stops looking for them. But it is no use, the reporter finds them in the cave.

  4. Eve of the Emperor Penguins Jack and Annie eventually find the Ancient Crown and say goodbye to the reporters and scientists and head back home using their Magic Tree House. They give the crown to a guy named Merlin and he gives them a book about Antarctica that can take you there any time you want to. And this is the Summary about my fiction book.

  5. What I Learned • I learned that some penguins live in different countries than other • I learned that Emperor Penguins live on the coldest part of Antarctica • I learned that Little Blue Penguins are the smallest penguin in the world • I learned that an Emperor Penguin has 12 feathers per square in.(155 square in.) • And I learned that Adult Magellanic penguins eat really small fish

  6. Why I chose the book • I chose this book because when I read the book it was really fascinating and I couldn’t stop reading it. And it has a very good detailed story with it . I also liked it because it was like you were going on an adventure with them. The book was very interesting because I have never read that book before.

  7. Penguins My questions are: 1)Which group of penguins has the largest population? 2) Which group of penguins are the tallest? 3) How many kinds of penguins are there? 4) What is the total population

  8. Similarities – List the similarities of the books on the topic. Use your Venn diagram to complete. • They are both about penguins • Both have scientists in them • Has some of the same sub-topics • Both has scientists in them • Has information that is useful about penguins • Has the same Main Idea

  9. ContrastList the differences of the books on the topic. Use your Venn diagram to complete. • Magic Tree House is about two kids finding the ancient crown with the help of emperor penguins • Has little information about penguins • Talks about one kind of penguin (Emperor Penguins) • Does not have real pictures • Does not have an index • Has a fact page • Penguins is about different kinds of penguins • Has useful information • Talks about how penguins live • Has real pictures • Has an Index • Has a lot of facts

  10. Genre –List characteristics of the genre of your book.. • Magic Tree house is Science Fiction because it is about Antarctica and it is not real • Penguins is a bibliography that is about penguins and how they communicate , live, and work together.

  11. Bibliography • Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne, Illustrated by Sal Murdocca • Penguins by Annette Barkhausen and Franz Geiser • And Destiny Quest for helping me find some books

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