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Intro TO Herbs PowerPoint Presentation
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Intro TO Herbs

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Intro TO Herbs
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Intro TO Herbs

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  1. Intro TO Herbs

  2. Basil • Several different Types & flavors: Thai, cinnamon and Lemon • Used fresh or Dried • Used in Italian, American, southeast Asia Cooking • Soups, pastas, Appetizer's, and entrée’s • Knife Cuts

  3. Rosemary • Used since 500 B.C • Native to the Mediterranean • Has a silver-green needles shaped leaves • Highly aromatic • Hints of lemon and pine • Used for Soups, Vegetables, meats(Lamb), fish, Stuffing's and breads such as Focaccia • Infused oils and Spice blends

  4. Thyme • Member of the Mint family • Perennial herb • Native to southern Europe • Tiny green leaves gives off a pungent minty ,light lemon aroma • Used primarily in French cooking • Can be used fresh or dried • Soups, stock, stews and savory dishes • Bouquet Garni • Verities ,Lemon Thyme , English Thyme ,French Thyme

  5. Chives • Related to the Onion Family • Fragrant herb has a slender vivid green hallow steam • Used at the end of cooking • Flowers are edible • Used as garnish, Potato dishes, Biscuits and Omelets • Good source of Vitamin A • Usually chopped very fine • Fines Herbs, Garlic Chives and Remoulade

  6. Tarragon • Is A Perennial aromatic herbs • Known for it’s a distinctive anise flavor • Primarily used in Classic French Cooking • Chicken , Fish, Vegetables and many sauces • Fresh or dried forms • Béarnaise sauce, Fines Herbs • Rémoulade sauce

  7. Chervil • Pronunciation: (CHER-Vuhl) • Mild-flavored member of the parsley family • Dark green tiny leaves with just a hint of anise flavor • Primarily used in French cooking and early Greek and Roman foods • Used for garnishments and in Fines herb sauce

  8. Parsley • Italian Flat leaf Parsley and Curly Verity • Used as a garnish • In many Italian dishes and Mediterranean • Foods as well as Asian foods • Has a slight Peppery flavor • Sold dried or fresh

  9. Marjoram • Pronounced: (Mahr-Juhr-uhm) • Used by the early Greeks for funeral wreaths • Member of the mint family • Has a mild sweet oreganolike flavor • Found thought the Mediterranean • Soups, stews, meats and lamb and veal • Herbes de Provence and Fines Herbs

  10. Bay Leaves • Also called laurel leaf or laurel bay • This aromatic herb comes from the evergreen bay laurel tree native to the Mediterranean • Used by the early Greeks & Romans used to make wreaths from them • Two main verities Turkish and Californian • Used for Soups, Stocks, stews, Vegetables and meats • Often removed after they have imparted their flavor • Overuse can make the dish bitter • Sold fresh or dried

  11. Sage • native Mediterranean herb • The narrow oval gray-green leaves of this pungent herb are slightly bitter and have a musty mint taste and aroma. • pineapple sage, which has an intensely sweet pineapple scent • commonly used in dishes containing pork, cheese and beans, and in poultry and game stuffing's. Sausage makers also frequently use it to flavor their products.

  12. oregano • Greek for “Joy of the mountain” • Sometimes known as wild Marjoram • belongs to the mint family and is related to both marjoram and thyme. • Oregano is similar to marjoram but is not as sweet and has a stronger, more pungent flavor and aroma Because of its pungency • Mexican variety, Mediterranean and European oregano • Sold dried or fresh • Used for pasta dishes, sauces, meat and poultry dishes . , ,

  13. lavender • Known as the “Herb of Love” • Relative to the mint family • This aromatic plant has violet flowers and green or pale gray leaves, both of which lend a pleasantly bitter pungency to salad, rubs for poultry and fish and in spice blends, such as herbs de provence. • Sold fresh or dried • Used In teas • Cakes and pasties

  14. Savory • Summer Savory & Winter • Sold Dried or fresh • Savory adds a piquant flavor to many foods including pâtés, soups, meat, fish and bean dishes • Fines Herbs & Herbs de Provence

  15. Lemon Verbena Native to South America, the long, slender leaves of this potent herb have an overpowering lemonlike flavor. For that reason, a light touch is necessary when adding lemon verbena (also called simply verbena) to food. It's available dried and sometimes fresh in specialty produce markets. It's used to flavor fruit salads and some sweet dishes, and for tea

  16. Mint • There are more than 30 species of mint, the two most popular and widely available being peppermint and spearmint. Peppermint is the more pungent of the two • Mint grows wild throughout the world and is cultivated in Europe, the United States and Asia. • Mint is used in both sweet and savory dishes and in drinks such as the famous mint julep. Mint is available fresh, dried, as an extract, and in the form of oil of spearmint or oil of peppermint, both highly concentrated flavorings.

  17. Dill • 1st-century Romans to be a good luck symbol • This annual herb grows up to a height of about three feet and has feathery green leaves called dill weed. • flavor of fresh dill weed in no way translates to its dried form. Fresh dill does, however, quickly lose its fragrance during heating, so should be added toward the end of the cooking time. • United States as part of the pickling mix in which dill pickles are cured.