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Intro to. By: Matthew Weber Randolph Middle School. What is Gaggle?. Gaggle is a group of SAFE , FILTERED online communication tools that can assist teachers and students to connect online. Some useful features:.

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Intro to

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  1. Intro to By: Matthew Weber Randolph Middle School

  2. What is Gaggle? Gaggle is a group of SAFE, FILTERED online communication tools that can assist teachers and students to connect online.

  3. Some useful features: • First and foremost, everything is filtered and monitored (both images and text). • An email account for every student • Digital Locker: Online storage of files/documents (similar to Google Drive or Dropbox) • Assignment Dropbox: Teachers can post assignments, and the students complete and submit them online.

  4. More useful features: • ZoHo Docs: Online document creation that saves directly to the digital locker. • GaggleTube: Teacher-approved YouTube videos (even though YouTube is blocked in CMS) • Social Wall: Essentially a safe facebook • Chat with teachers • Teacher to student/parent texting (receive homework reminders on your phone, etc.)

  5. So let’s get started

  6. j.mp/cmsgaggle DO NOTjust go to gaggle.net!!! Your login won’t work.

  7. j.mp/cmsgaggle

  8. j.mp/cmsgaggle Make sure it says @cms.gaggle.net

  9. j.mp/cmsgaggle If not, click the green….

  10. …and enter your full email address. username@cms.gaggle.net

  11. So, how do we log in?

  12. Login • Username: flastxxxx first initial + last name + last 4 of student id • Password: YYMMDD (should not change) EXAMPLE: John Doe-Smith (Student ID 1234567) would be: jdoesmith4657 If his birthday is Jan. 12, 1999, his password is: 990112

  13. Home Page

  14. Again, before we get into mail… Your student’s email address is: _Username_@cms.gaggle.net

  15. Inbox

  16. Mail Menu

  17. Directory

  18. Filter Users to just teachers

  19. Friends (like Facebook)

  20. Add Friends

  21. Friend Requests

  22. Agenda

  23. Widget views of Digital Locker and Assignments

  24. Applications

  25. Calendar

  26. School Calendar with events and individual due dates per teacher

  27. Digital Locker: Online file storage

  28. Assignment Drop Box: A folder for each class

  29. Social Wall: A safe facebook

  30. GaggleTube: Teacher-approved YouTube videos

  31. Training Videos

  32. 90 training videos covering almost every question imaginable

  33. My Classes

  34. Click a class to go to its page

  35. Click Chat to open the menu

  36. Click the teacher to have a conversation

  37. There are many other interesting/useful features to Gaggle that you will learn through exploring the site. Have fun!

  38. Questions? • CMS has a helpful wiki about Gaggle: bit.ly/12fw0mz • Feel free to email Mrs. Frick or me: marjorie.frick@cms.gaggle.net matthewj.weber@cms.gaggle.com • Check out my wiki: bit.ly/14vhe9O

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