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Welcome. Yuma International Airport January 11, 2008. Please Sign In. Airport Property. Element 1 – Initiation. Task 1.1 – Project Formulation. Airport Task Includes.

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  1. Welcome Yuma International Airport January 11, 2008 Please Sign In

  2. Airport Property

  3. Element 1 – Initiation Task 1.1 – Project Formulation

  4. Airport Task Includes • Consider all necessary measures to ensure proper installation structuring to support aviation training and operations in a joint use environment. • The plan will address such considerations as • Hazards • Encroachment • Safety of operations and • Future operations

  5. Our Biggest Opportunity • Supporting JSF

  6. How are we preparing for JSF?

  7. Why support JSF Launch? • Large Scale Project • Supplier network includes nine partnering countries • United States, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, Canada, Australia, Denmark and Norway.  • Israel and Singapore have also joined the program as Security Cooperation Participants.

  8. The JSF Program is BIG! • The F-35 will be manufactured in 3 versions • Conventional takeoff and landing (CTOL) for AF • Aircraft carrier version (CV) for the U.S. Navy • Short takeoff/vertical landing (STOVL) • The U.S. Marine Corps • Royal Air Force • Royal Navy • Spain • Italy

  9. Planned Buy - 2,000 for DoD up to 5,000 with Foreign Sales? The F-35 replaces A-10s and F-16s Navy F/A-18s AV-8B & F/A-18s NATO Harrier One of the most complex weapons systems ever

  10. Over 1,000 Sub System Suppliers

  11. Look at F-35 rollouts in Arizona • The F-35 is coming here first • MCAS Yuma for Initial Deployment • Many of the lessons will be learned here. • The corrective action starts here.

  12. If Yuma will be the first deployment • We can help establish a world-wide support system for the F-35 • Based from Yuma International Airport

  13. Supporting US & Global Operations

  14. How can we do that?

  15. How can we do that? DCC Defense Contractor Complex

  16. DCC Today

  17. DCC Concept

  18. DCC – Next five to ten years JSF Support

  19. DCC Concept Border Patrol ~ Start Spring 08 1st Defense Hangar Start Summer/Fall 08

  20. DCC Benefits FedEx Future DCC Expansion? FedEx Border Patrol? Secure Access Ramp Parking Test Cell DCC Extension?

  21. Next 10 to 12 Years JSF Maintenance & Kits Buildup

  22. Next 12 to 15 Years JSF Warehousing & Maintenance

  23. Next Fifteen to Twenty Years DoD Warehousing

  24. Why would we do this? • It’s Good Business for Yuma County • Contractor work is high value • Minimum Starting Salaries in $50-60K range • High Job Multiplier • Contractor work is low impact on the airfield • Very low air operations count • Normally working on sub-systems • High Value to MCAS Yuma (our partner)

  25. Why? (continued) • It’s realistic • Contractors require minimal initial investment • 12 to 15,000 Sq Ft Hangar is low cost • For each hangar you get 40 to 50 high value jobs

  26. Other Opportunities: V-22 Osprey

  27. Yuma Proving Ground • Every Weapons System • Every Munition • Every Service • Every Day • YPG tests all weapons coming into the Military • They are all built by contractors • Who need space

  28. Will Verify With a New Master Plan • Starting Work on Master Plan • Idea came from Joint Meeting with MCAS • Coordinate Efforts • Maximize Gains • Focus Airport Capital Improvement Plan • Use Rolle Airfield as well

  29. Strategy for Rolle Field • Master Plan accomplished 2001 • Start Implementing • Resurface • Taxiway • Apron • Tiedowns • Windsocks • etc This concept was coordinated with MCAS’ Lt Col Bonzo, GA and Somerton Apt

  30. Task 1.2 - Planning Advisory Committee • Who will serve

  31. Task 1.4 – General Background Summary • Known Problem Areas • “Joint Use” vs “Shared Use” • Airfield Security • Growth • General Aviation (GA) • FAA Considerations • Airfield Maintenance

  32. Task 1.5 - Establish Goals and Objectives • Our Objective • Develop a comprehensive pathway/plan to ensure an enduring presence and use of facilities, land, and air space for both Yuma International Airport AND MCAS.

  33. Important Requirements • Identify roles and responsibilities to ensure full Marine Corps • Management and control • Of aviation installations supporting • Training and operations • By securing necessary Marine Corps use • Today and tomorrow, • Protecting against loss of assets, and • Providing OPFOR mission requirements flexibility

  34. Task 1.6 – Outline Baseline Assumptions • Assumptions • YIA is willing take on more responsibility • Does MCAS want us to? • What is the correlation between responsibility, authority and penalties • Acceptance of certain professional responsibilities (accountability)

  35. Joint vs Shared • “Joint” as descriptive Term • Better definition may be achieved through a “Joint-Use” Agreement, and better collective standards for how we professionally run this airport. • What are YIA’s prohibiting factors for entering into a Joint-Use Agreement?

  36. Element 2 – Inventory • Task 2.1 – Evaluate Existing Documents • Task 2.2 - Obtain New Aerial Photographs and Topographic/Planimetric Mapping • Task 2.3 - Inventory Airport Physical Facilities • Task 2.4 - Inventory Airport Access and Parking • Task 6.5 – Identify Potential Access Alternatives • Task 2.6 - Inventory Air Traffic Activity • Task 2.7 - Inventory Airspace and Air Traffic Control

  37. Task 2.1 – Evaluate Existing Documents • Master Plan • Patent • Previous Joint Use Agreements

  38. Task 2.3 - Inventory Airport Facilities • Definition of Airfield • We both need better definition of what this airfield is. • Many see us as a Joint-use field, and truly don't understand our relationship. • Shared-Use may be fine, but just like Joint-use, what does it really mean?

  39. Single Airport Identifier KYUM KNYL

  40. DOD uses KNYL • Department of the Navy Protocol • Integrated Worldwide KNYL

  41. Identifier

  42. FAA – Airport Facility Director

  43. FAA – Airport Facility Director

  44. RIP KYUM In the Interest of Flight Safety What is Master Plan Recommendation? KNYL

  45. Task 2.4 - Inventory Access/Parking • GA Parking/Access is an issue. • What additional Security measures to work in conjunction with USMC. • Access accountability (to include airfield drivers’ course) • Who has/gives access to the field. • Significant with JSF security restrictions. • Transition from "Secret" environment to a "Top Secret" environment.

  46. We Did Have Problems - Gunshots

  47. Corrective Action Signs Barriers Cameras

  48. This was a “Terrorist Act” Penalties for this kind of stunt are very VERY Severe!

  49. Element 4 – Demand/Capacity • See the PDF file

  50. Element 6 – Airport Alternatives • Improving the Airfield • Can YIA supplement the capabilities of the airfield? • Short and Long Term Vision • What is MCAS’ “Best” Long Term use for civil side. • What is YIA’s “Best” Long Term Growth Plan?

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