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  1. Welcome to Jeopardy

  2. Credits • Graphics from • Score Slide from Mark E. Damon • • PowerPoint Template from Mrs. Warren,Barnstable Horace Mann Charter School


  4. FinalJeopardy Round 1 Biology Group 2 Group 3 Group 1

  5. JEOPARDY Scores Photo 1 Photo 2 Resp 3 Resp 4 Resp 5 Random 100100100100100100 200200200200200200 300300300300300300 400400400400400400 500500500500500500

  6. Final Jeopardy

  7. Final Jeopardy Category: Cell Respiration in the Real World

  8. You have a friend who lost 7 kg (about 15 pounds) of fat on a “low carb” diet. The fat ultimately left her body in this form. What carbon dioxide and water? Scores

  9. The photosynthesis equation. 100 What is 6CO2 +6H2O +LIGHT  C6H1206 + 6O2? Scores Return

  10. The 2 processes of photosynthesis. 200 What are light and dark? Scores Return

  11. This goes into the light reaction. 300 What is water? Scores Return

  12. This is produced in the light reaction. 400 What are oxygen, NADH, and ATP? Scores Return

  13. This is the primary function of the light reactions. 500 What is to produce ATP and NADPH? Scores Return

  14. These products go into the Calvin Cycle. 100 What are NADPH, ATP, and CO2? Scores Return

  15. Visible light does this in the light reaction of photosynthesis. 200 What is excite electrons? Scores Return

  16. The 2 processes of the light reaction and their wavelengths. 300 What are PSI (700) and PSII (680)? Scores Return

  17. Main role of pigment molecules in the thylakoid membrane. 400 What is harvest photons of light? Scores Return

  18. Oxygen is produced, NADP is reduced to NADPH, ADP is phosphorylated, and light is absorbed all occur here. 500 What is the light reaction? Scores Return

  19. The dark reaction occurs here. 100 What is the mitochondria? Scores Return

  20. An organism has 30 ATP and only 20 NADPH. The extra ATP comes from here. 200 What is cyclic photophosphorylation? Scores Return

  21. The process of making ATP. 300 What is chemiosmosis? Scores Return

  22. This type of plant minimizes photorespiration and changes CO2 to 4-Carbon compounds before going into the Calvin cycle. 400 What are C4 plants? Scores Return

  23. Some grapes, lillies, and cacti are examples of these types of plants. 500 What are CAM plants? Scores Return

  24. The equation for cellular respiration. 100 What is C6H12O6 + 6O2 6CO2 + 6H2O? Scores Return

  25. A molecule has been reduced which means this. 200 What is gained electrons? Scores Return

  26. 100% of the ATP in glycolysis is generated this way (Hint: It’s a type of phosphorylation). 300 What is substrate level phosphorylation? Scores Return

  27. # of carbon atoms fed into the Kreb’s cycle after oxidation of 1 molecule of pyruvate 400 What is 2? Scores Return

  28. # of carbon dioxide molecules produced by 5 turns of the Kreb’s cycle. 500 What is 10? Scores Return

  29. The three steps of cell respiration. 100 What is glycolysis, Kreb’s Cycle, ETC? Scores Return

  30. Metabolic process most closely related with the intracellular membrane. 200 What oxidative phosphorylation? Scores Return

  31. The 2 end products of fermentation. 300 What are lactic acid and alcohol? Scores Return

  32. Amino Acids, proteins, glycerol, fatty acids, glucose, sucrose, starch and glycogen can all be used in this process. 400 What is glycolysis? Scores Return

  33. A young relative has never had much energy. He goes to the doctor for help. They discover his mitochondria can use only fatty acids and amino acids for respiration, and his cells produce more lactate than normal. This is the most likely explanation. 500 What is his mitochondria lack the protein that moves pyruvate across the mmb? Scores Return

  34. These processes occur in the cytosol of the cell. 100 What are glycolysis and fermentation? Scores Return

  35. 2 types of organisms that can obtain energy by metabolizing molecules produced by other organisms. 200 What are heterotrophs and decomposers? Scores Return

  36. The total amount of energy produced in cell respiration with oxygen. 300 What is between 36 and 38 ATP? Scores Return

  37. In the absence of oxygen, yeast cells produce this. 400 What is ATP, CO2, and ethanol? Scores Return

  38. An organism was discovered that that consumes a lot of sugar but does not gain weight. The sugar consumed increases as oxygen decreases, but the organism still thrives. The type of organism is this. 500 What is a facultative anaerobe? Scores Return

  39. Daily Double To Question