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MTCP1 Highlights and Reflections PowerPoint Presentation
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MTCP1 Highlights and Reflections

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MTCP1 Highlights and Reflections - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MTCP1 Highlights and Reflections
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  1. MTCP1 Highlights and Reflections Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

  2. The Basics… • Medium-term cooperation Programme with Farmers’ Organizations in Asia and the Pacific Region (MTCP I) • Started 23 Nov 2009 up to 31 Dec 2012 • Funding – 1,346,215 (against USD 1,950,000) • IFAD (USD 1,083,000) • FAO (USD 218,275) • NIA FOs (USD 44,940) • ASEAN (USD 33,000)

  3. Country Participation… • South East Asia + China • Kingdom of Cambodia • Peoples' Democratic Republic of Lao • Indonesia • Philippines • Viet Nam • Peoples' Republic of China • [Union of Myanmar} • [India] • [Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal] • [Sri Lanka] [Special circumstances and funding gaps]

  4. Aiming to… • Goal: Improve the livelihoods of rural poor producers • Purpose: Enable small farmers’ organizations in the Asia/Pacific region and their network o influence policies affecting their members. • Specific Outcomes • Strengthening Networks of Farmers’ Organisations • Strengthening the involvement of FOs in policy processes • Promote the involvement of FOs in IFAD Country Programmes • Programme Coordination and Management

  5. Strengthening Networks of Farmers’ Organisations. • (a) the mapping of FOs active in the parts of the 10 selected countries where IFAD’s operations are, or will be, located • (b) the organisation of national platforms of FOs • (c) the organisation of a permanent national farmers’ forum for dialogue between FOs and their partners • (d) the organisation of regional and sub-regional farmers’ forums for strengthening the networks of FOs across national boundaries. To support these activities a capacity building fund will be made available to FOs on demand;

  6. Strengthening the involvement of FOs in policy processes • (a) conducting thematic studies prioritised during the Farmers’ Forum consultations • (b) holding workshops to analyse the results of the studies and help formulate policy and programme proposals • (c) supporting the involvement of FOs in dialogues with national and regional inter-governmental agencies to influence wider policy issues;

  7. Promote the involvement of FOs in IFAD Country Programmes • Detailed institutional assessment of the FOs mapped under component 1 to select those that can substantially contribute to IFAD's Country Programmes. • Support, on a case-by-case basis, the involvement of selected FOs in the design, monitoring and evaluation and implementation of the country programmes;

  8. Programme Coordination and Management. • A Regional Programme Coordination Unit (RPCU) will be established in the FAO Regional Office in Bangkok, Thailand. • Comprised of one Regional Programme Coordinator (RPC) and one Regional Finance Officer. • Managerial services will be provided as needed by the RPCU.

  9. Some reflections • No Money – No Honey - Sustainability • Countries and funding… • Partners and funding… • Everyone needs to be active internally and externally • Administration • Takes more effort and time than expected… • Communication! • By FOs… For FOs… (with some help from friends) • Knowledge Management/M&E: More effort.. • FAO/RAP Integrate into: CSO-APRC, IYFF, Youth, Persons with Disabilities, Organic/Green, C4D, ICT

  10. THANK YOU!