what s your words to fashion n.
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What's your words to fashion? PowerPoint Presentation
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What's your words to fashion?

What's your words to fashion?

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What's your words to fashion?

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  1. What's your words to fashion? How dolabuy think of fashion?

  2. In you mind: • Fashion Clothing • Personnalit Hair Style • Gorgeous Jewelry • Beautiful Makeup…… • Are them really fashion?

  3. French fashion concept • French Fashion Institute(IFM) and Paris HEC Business School think that the most important part of fashion is understanding the connotation of dress, fashion clothing is a kind of attitude, harmonious combination, matching of color and variety of products all reflect the inner taste and training.

  4. In addition to French fashion clothing, music, theatre and movie all are the representative Paris culture. Rich culture atmosphere is the most outstand character. The unique developmental and multifarious French culture created open French designer, fashion and become more open.

  5. French brand the most important character is high quality, design of color, delicate fabric and workmanship. In French market, the proportion of quality and price is point which concerned by customer. The industry of produce clothing and process was disappeared in Paris, under rich culture background, creative and create new goods is the important point which French designer pursue. Paris charming man strive for health, fashion is only a shell, soul is the most important.

  6. How dolabuy think of fashion? • Dolabuy is a Chinese wholes online business, was founded by dolabuy Group on June 10, 2010. After two years of development, has up two twenty million users in China. The company has a solid economic foundation, the majority of the relationship between the network and complete technical support and staffing. In 2012, along with the company’s restructuring and upgrading, E-commerce platform springs up.

  7. Fashion in dolabuy eyes, it is a pursuit of beauty, use every beautiful and charming things to makeup, know the knowledge of matching, choosing health and fashion accessories to decorate. Charming and gorgeous earring, necklace and ring are very important, also one set suitable and fashion wig can add score for your beauty. There are a larges amount fashion items display on web:, you can look through here and begin to choose.

  8. Let's regularly look through the overview of dolabuy

  9. also can provide you other fashion itmes, you just open www, to choose your like. Thank you!!!