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China’s Neighbors PowerPoint Presentation
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China’s Neighbors

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China’s Neighbors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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China’s Neighbors. Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mongolia. Physical Characteristics. Taiwan. Located on a volcanic island The island is 100 miles off of China’s southeast coast Taiwan is a very mountainous region. Taiwan. Economy. Future. Land was placed under tenant farmers in 1949

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China’s Neighbors

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    1. China’s Neighbors Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mongolia

    2. Physical Characteristics Taiwan Located on a volcanic island The island is 100 miles off of China’s southeast coast Taiwan is a very mountainous region

    3. Taiwan Economy Future • Land was placed under tenant farmers in 1949 • Nationalists implemented industrial modernization program • Now they are focusing on high-technology industries • The bans on trading were lifted and people can now visit the mainland • Lee Tung-hui was elected and promoted promotes independence for Taiwan • Relations between China and Taiwan are still tense

    4. Taiwan Government • Taiwan’s capital Taipei claimed it represented China • Communist government in China claimed to be the official government of China as well • Because of the feud for the official government of China, Beijing became the legal seat • Taiwan is not recognized as a real country but it is on of the leading economic powers in Asia

    5. Hong Kong • Located on China’s southern coast. • Consists of the Kowloon Peninsula, several large islands, and many smaller islands. • It covers 400 square miles • Its population is 6 million people • Hong Kong ranks as one of the most crowded places in the world.

    6. Growth • Before the 1800s, it was largely uninhabited. • British used the site both as a naval base and as a way station for ships sailing to its far-flung Pacific empire • In 1898, Britain forced China to agree to lease Hong Kong and other land to them for 90 years.

    7. Growth • Hong Kong became an important manufacturing center, specializing in textiles, clothing, and electrical appliances. • After World War II many people fled to Hong Kong for a safe haven.

    8. Mongolia Physical Characteristics • Vast dry land twice the sixe of Texas • Gobi Desert occupies the southern areas of the country • In the 13th century it was one of the world’s greatest powers • Thrived under the famous ruler, Genghis Khan

    9. History • Became a Chinese province a few centuries after the Mongolian Empire • Remained under Chinese rule until 1921 when, with the support of the Soviets, they declared their independence • 10 years later they adopted Communism • After Russia democratized in the 1990’s, Mongolia did too

    10. Modern Life • Traditionally, Mongols have made a living nomadic herding, many still do today • They have developed some industries such as coal, copper, food processing, mining, chemicals, and cement • 63% of the population is urban • Mongolia is becoming more connected with the world • They hope to make the Internet accessible to all citizens by 2010