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Welcome. Quality of service. Unit 11 Chapter 2 What is quality of service, SCP 2008 Mieke de Droog, M.A. 10 May 2011. What is quality?. Green 1994; Reeves and Bednar 1994, SCP 2008:36. Definition of quality.

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Quality of service. Unit 11

Chapter 2 What is quality of service, SCP 2008

Mieke de Droog, M.A. 10 May 2011

what is quality

What is quality?

Green 1994; Reeves and Bednar 1994, SCP 2008:36

definition of quality

Definition of quality

Quality means the characteristic of a product in relation to the use made of it (fitness for purpose)

Van Dale, SCP 2008:37


People want public services that work […] and are responsive to their needs

UK House of Commons 2006, SCP 2008:37


Is the user’s perspective crucial for assessing the quality of a service according to this report?

  • Walsh, 1991
  • Lancaster, 1966
  • Rosen, 1974

SCP 2008:38-39


Some theoretical dimensions of quality that are mentioned in this report

  • Grönroos, 1984
  • Parasuramane.o, 1985

SCP 2008:38


What are the most important criticisms on the SERVQUAL approach?

Gap theory; Cronin and Taylor, 1992

Focus on the process of the service

Amount/universality of the dimensions

SCP 2008:41


Empirical dimensions of quality

  • Surveys 2002 /2006
  • Citizens and users are asked about various aspects of service for different sectors.
  • Each survey: approximately 3000 respondents
  • You can find the 3 dimensions (product quality (what), process quality (how), structure quality (in what context) in the empirical indicators for quality of service
  • Strong tendency to calculate process quality into
  • product quality. The characteristics of the service determine the importance of the process quality.

SCP 2008:44- 51


How are quality judgments realized?

By individual use as well as by overall image of citizens

Users judge in general different (more positive) than non-users.

Explanations for this difference:

Non-users are dependent on information of users and the

media (one-sided)

Image (by indirect information) and self-selection (by

expectations and requirements) are important to quality

Cognitive-dissonance theory of Festinger.

Other theories give a more general explanation for differences

between users and non-users.

Welfare state theory (SCP/CPB 2000)

A research report of the institution for the government of Belgium 2003 stated that persons with a lower education in general have a more positive image of public service provision than higher educated people.

SCP 2008: 51- 55


How can quality be assured?

  • Legislation
  • Authorities/Inspections
  • Benchmarking
  • Monitoring
  • Certification
  • Management tools
  • Clients satisfaction surveys
  • Interest groups and client associations
  • Complaint regulations

SCP 2008: 55-61


Conclusions (1)

Quality is a concept difficult to define

This report chooses for an objective and a subjective approach

This report distinguishes 3 dimensions of quality:

product quality(what is delivered)

process quality (how is it delivered)

structure quality (and in which context is it delivered)

SCP 2008: 61-62


Conclusions (2)

The indicators do not have the same meaning for each service

The different meanings are connected to the character of the service

The quality of public service is guarded on 3 levels:

Government: legislation

Institutions: benchmarking/monitoring/management tools

Clients: satisfaction survey, complaints commissions, consultative bodies

In practice the quality care is not equally intensive for every service

SCP 2008: 61-62



C. Quality of service

Answer the following questions: What are the similarities and differences in the chapters of Van derAa & Elfring and the chapters of SCP? What dimensions of quality of Van derAa & Elfring play a role in a specific sector? How is the quality of service in this specific sector presented in the report of SCP?

Send this assignment via email to miekearuba@hotmail.com and jessie.maria@ua.aw

before 15 May 11.00 pm



Reminder II

D3. Make a summary of Chapter 5. Gastelaars (2010), including a word count, in max. 500 words and email this summary to vanessapietersz@gmail.com, miekearuba@hotmail.com and jessie.maria@ua.aw

  • before 13 May 2011 4.00pm

A sufficient grade for these three Reading Assignments (D1, D2, D3) is mandatory in order to obtain your final grade for this module.


Group written assignment (with 3 students)

  • E. Characteristics of an organization

E1. Make the assignment about the characteristics of the

research organization on the basis of characteristics of

Gastelaars (See table 1.1. in chapter 1, on p. 10 of the book).

E2. Reconstruct the design of the various stages of the

primary process, and try to make sense of the clients’

experiences as well.

What are the main changes, which currently play in this


Send these assignment via email to miekearuba@hotmail.com

and jessie.maria@ua.aw

  • before 14 May 11.00 pm


Reminder II



Thank you for your attention and