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WES-Net India- a Knowledge Hub: A Knowledge, Research and Capacity Building Network for Rural and Urban WASH. Launch WES-Net India State chapters: Gujarat / Rajasthan/ MP/ Maharashtra--08/04, 07/05, 24/06, and 18/08/2011

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WES-Net India- a Knowledge Hub:A Knowledge, Research and Capacity Building Network for Rural and Urban WASH

Launch WES-Net India State chapters:

  • Gujarat/ Rajasthan/ MP/ Maharashtra--08/04, 07/05, 24/06, and 18/08/2011

  • Jharkhand/ Bihar ??/ Chattisgarh/ …………….................16/06, 29/07/2011

  • AP/ Orissa/ Kerala/ TN/ Karnataka;……………….. 10/05/2011, 01/08, 29/08

  • WB / Assam/ North-East …………………………………………….Sept.’ 2011

  • Delhi/ Haryana/ / Punjab/ UP

  • Himachal / Uttrakhand/ J&K…............................................. ……Oct’ 2011

    Funding Partners: WAI, PI, WSP-SA, UN agencies, AFPRO,……………

    Network/ co-opt/ associate:

  • FANSA, Saci-Water’s, CEC, Wash Institute, CEE, PLAN International, VISWA ?, PRAVAH, WASMO, India chapter-GWP, Sol. Exchange……,

Wes net india objectives
WES-Net India Objectives


  • Integrate and Enhance sector partners knowledge (both tacit and knowledge products)

  • Strengthen and utilizethe partners work, experiences and proven experiences/ practices

  • Improve coordination, communication for knowledge sharing and foster more effective partnershipsat all levels

  • Facilitateand encourage debates and dialogueson critical, crucial issues and disseminate information and knowledge about solutions on what works & delivers in sector

  • Advocate support to the DDWS-National/ states plans, policy and programs, with special focus to poor, disadvantaged& marginalized

Wes net india tasks
WES-Net India - TASKS


  • Sector Coordination/ facilitation;

  • Sector Communication;

  • Dialogue, Events and Discussion;

  • Capacity Building & Research ;

  • Advocacy-

    OUTPUTS/ Expectations- a. Knowledge learning and sharing platform

  • Exchange knowledge

  • Learning and sharing Platform

  • Joint events-coordinated/ co-branding of events- thru.’ and with partners

  • Participate in joint (multi-partner)

    b. Documentation-

  • Disseminate partners work on best practices

  • Policy briefs on contemporary issues and position papers

  • Recommendations and findings

Wes net india tasks1
WES-Net India- TASKS

c. Research coordination:

  • Perform synthesis of the solution exchange work

  • Publish an Annual Research Compendium

  • A repository of practical solutions of problems - implementation level

    d. Advocacy for improved DWS -Policy, programs& systems-

  • Launch strategic issue based advocacy campaigns, also on contemporary issues

  • Support message/s campaigning and crucial, thematic, implementation issues

  • Debate and discuss also in public domain thru.’ events and seminars

  • Arrange validation of synthesized knowledge products prior to dissemination

  • Produce reports as part of inputs to GOI/ states policy and planning

    (Contemporary issues e.g.Water safety and security planning, WASH in

    Schools, , barriers to communication (strategy) for sanitation, networking,

    Hand – washing, WQM&S, Menstrual hygiene, Climate Change, IWRM,

    Communication, IEC, Eco- san, P-P-P, E-governance& M&E, CSR,Women&Children

Recap of meetings in states
Recap of meetings in states :

  • TOR for state chapters working group in place

  • 2 states WES-Net India secretariat hosted- CEE, Gujarat hosts for 2 years

    - Plan India, Jharkhand hosts for 6 months- Identify partners for Bihar, Orissa, North-East &J&K - in progress

  • Identify critical/ crucial gaps for undertaking work on:- Thematic/ Research/Specific action research-Initiated in Gujarat 24/06 - Capacity building… Offer from DWS Jharkhand

    - Associate with existing network FAN-SA and Saci-Water’s

    - Explore co-opt with CEC and WI

  • Explore co-opting/ complementary role corporate sector- CSR in Gujarat ??

  • Explore funding/ support possibilities for WES-Net India and its portfolio

Observation during meetings at state s level
observation during meetings at State/s level:

  • State chapter based on “Complementing –n- Collaborative“ relationships

  • Interaction, participation, Sharing and research for changes at policy, institutional and implementation levels- a must

  • WES-Net should function beyond library functions

  • State chapter a voluntary move by participating orgn.’, networks & professionals

  • WES-Net to include info. compilation, interpretation for dissemination to larger audience and specific target population

  • Pooling of knowledge and information by partners is voluntary, a must

  • Research on impact analysis –x country/ x states required

Contd observation during meetings
Contd…………..observation during meetings:

  • Appropriate and affordable technological solutions with after servicing ?

  • Standardization, validation, innovation and accountability ??

  • Planning based on WSS integrated with local WRM -a must

  • Initiate Internship and research fellowships with donors/ CSR co-opt

  • People’s institutions critical for sustainable management. Systemic changes, appropriate institutions and capacities –a must

  • Availability of Reliable data for validation and analysis of demand vs supply and system performance ??

  • Slippage of villages into uncovered/unsafe source category be recognized

  • Greater involvement of CSR/ Corporate, Bankable partnership models?

Wes net india key activities 2011 12

  • Organizational issues- consolidation and promotional:

  • WES-Net India Governing Body(GB) elections- preparations in progress

  • WES-Net broacher , brief concept note, letter of invitation to join as member- done

  • WES-Net India statutory compliances, PAN NO. Audit and Annual reports end 2010-11, - Finalized

  • Improve, update & organize Website services- -ongoing;

  • Streamline WES-Net India Internal administration, compliances- in progress

  • Focus complementarities, Networking and collaborations with other portals-ongoing

Wes net india key activities 2011 121

  • WES-Net India portfolio functions:

  • Blue Book Volume 1st – done

  • Publish WES-Net directory (printed and electronic versions)- in progress

  • Comparative study WES-Net India strength vs other networks/ forums-ongoing

  • Establish 5 state chapters & network with partners- 2 chapters launched

  • Partners hosts the state secretariat-also on rotation basis

  • TORs state chapters working group)- done

  • Expand membership [email protected] /yr.-CSOs, Govt.’,Private/ Corp’t& Acad-ongoing

  • Fund raising- ongoing

  • Facilitate networking and events – ongoing (WWD-2011 and WASHCostPpt)

  • Enhance partnerships at states/ central levels- ongoing

Menu items
Menu Items

  • Home: It includes the latest news, latest press releases, new solution exchange questions and much more about the Water and Sanitation sector.

  • About Us: It gives brief introduction about the WES-Net India, its work, structure functioning, Objectives, Initiatives and Research and Studies.

  • WES Resource Bank: Provide links to various sites containing publications and other materials have been provided.

  • Newsletter: Every year Newsletter of WES-Net India printed and the soft copy of the newsletter posted on the WES-Net India website.

  • Workshops & Events: Gives information about the latest National and International Workshop and Events details related to Water and Sanitation sector.

  • Training Courses: Gives information about the latest National and International Training Courses details related to Water and Sanitation sector.

Menu items1

  • Vacancies: Gives information about the latest National and International Vacancies details related to Water and Sanitation sector.

  • Press Releases: It is the month-wise archive section of all the press release related to WASH Sector.

  • Join Us: Click on this link, fill the form and become member of WES-Net India

  • Wes Resource Center: It gives information about the work of various organisations and professionals engaged in the water and sanitation sector to facilitate effective exchange of information and experience.

  • List Serves: By this service you can receive or post information pertaining to the sector to a larger group of audience very efficiently.

  • Archive: It is the year-wise archive section of all WASH Sector events from 2008 to till now.

Review 1 st meeting held at ranchi on 16 06 2011
Review 1st meeting held at Ranchi on 16/06/2011

WES-Net India Ppt discussed on:

  • Situational analysis

  • Hurdles in the sector

  • HDI- Jharkhand state

  • National/ state DDWS policy and program 2012 (and beyond ??)

  • Key WASH activities

  • WES-Net India- Aim, Goal, Objectives

  • WES-Net India Tasks and Outputs

  • WES- Net India on website; www.wesnetindia.org

  • State chapters- a step forward

    Important deliberations:

  • Mapping of organizations, geo. location, area of work and target population

  • Agree on operational modalities/ strategy for WES-Net India state chapter

  • Agree on working group and draft TOR

  • Plan India hosts the secretariat for“WES-Net India Jharkhand State Chapter”

  • DWS offers to support its training requirements statewide, & adjoining states thru.’ VISWA

Meetings with agencies
Meetings with agencies:

Meetings on 16/06:

  • SWSM/ DWS;


  • FEMALE; tribal area

  • PLAN India,


    Meetings on 27 and 28/07/2011:

  • VISWA;


  • PLAN India; -

  • IXSS; - interface with academic and knowledge bodies

  • Mahila Samakhya- MS; Women focus, SSHE, Menstrual hygiene, sanitation+

  • CEE; - Paryavaran Mitra (WASH in schools ++)

  • WAI;

  • Sulabh International at Delhi and Ranchi

  • GSF- invited to meeting today

Regional state chapters a step forward in 2011
Regional/ state chapters- A step forward in 2011:

Activities State Chapter:

  • Identify working group within state chapter partners, Draft TOR for Working Group

  • Mapping of organizations, geo. location, area of work and target population-Launch drive to expand membership base at states/ regional level

  • Draft and agree on operational modalities/ strategy for WES-Net India state chapter

  • Initiate debate and dialogue on most critical-crucial issues, Gaps and challenges

  • Identify thematic and action research and capacity building areas, and Review DWS strategy, sector messages, other needs and research to adapt locally

  • Establish Core groups (thematic (technical, policy, implementation, advocacy) and on research specific issues)

  • Identify and establish region/ states calendar of events

  • Organize, Initiate events learning alliances & lobbying- by co-branding/co-funding

  • Identify 5 most priority subjects for research and research coordination during 2011

  • Consolidate regional/ state chapters Explore funding possibilities for WES-Net state/ regional center


This may be perceived by the states & the Civil Society (CS) with risks, as:

  • UN centric Feeling in the govt.’ (states and National) of being interfered, undermined and monitored and hence held accountable

  • Duplication of efforts (IWP, ISP, WES- Net Solution Exchange, FANSA, Saki-Waters, WASH India coalition, Arghayam, WASMO, WASH institute etc. WSSO (S/DWSM) etc. – Overlapping, feeling that add to already prevailing confusion

  • NGOs fear limiting opportunities-Too much sharing, too much transparency, hence too much exposure and vulnerability

  • NGOs, CS database of program/projects, budgets, Geographic areas, policies, plans and implementation may feel shall threaten their autonomy

  • Agencies simply unwilling to share info. for web posting

  • Too much info. on web, will result in better informed people- may raise issues of too much of governance and accountability

Thank you for your cooperation
Thank you for your Cooperation…….

Avinash Zutshi,

National Coordinator

E-mail: [email protected]; www.wesnetindia.org;

Mob: +91-0-9811758762;

Tel: +91-11-28525412; Ext- 239; Fax: +91-11-28520343;


25/1A, Institutional Area, Pankha Road, D- Block, JanakPuri,

New Delhi-110058