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Section 1 Chapters 1-4 PowerPoint Presentation
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Section 1 Chapters 1-4

Section 1 Chapters 1-4

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Section 1 Chapters 1-4

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  1. Section 1 Chapters 1-4

  2. What is the caption of the poster on the wall? • Big Brother is watching you.

  3. What are the four ministries of government and with what are they concerned? • Ministry of Truth (Minitrue): news, education, entertainment, fine arts • Ministry of Plenty (Miniplenty): economic affairs • Ministry of Peace (Minipax): war • Ministry of Love (Miniluv): law and order

  4. How is Winston’s telescreen different from most? • It is on a different wall next to an alcove

  5. What dangerous act is Winston about to undertake and what is the punishment? • Write in a diary • Death or 25 years in a labor camp

  6. Who is the focus of the Two Minutes Hate? What do we learn about him? • Emmanuel Goldstein • He is the leader of the Brotherhood, a rebel group

  7. Oceania (Winston’s country) is presently at war with which country? • Eurasia

  8. What are the three slogans of the Party? • War is Peace • Freedom is Slavery • Ignorance is Strength

  9. Why does Winston hate the girl behind him, and what does her red sash symbolize? • She seemed like a particularly devout member of the Party • Winston hates most women • The Junior Anti-Sex League

  10. What is Thoughtcrime? Who enforces it? What is the usual punishment? • Having negative thoughts about the Party • Thought Police • You are vaporized – killed and every trace of your existence destroyed

  11. How are children indoctrinated into the Party at an early age? • The Spies, Youth League – children’s organizations

  12. What are the sacred principles of INGSOC? • Newspeak, doublethink, the mutability of the past

  13. What is doublethink? • To accept two contradictory beliefs as correct • When other countries invade others and commit acts of violence and death, we call that “terrorism.” We believe that killing is wrong. However, when we do it, we say it’s “in the name of freedom.” Killing isn’t so wrong anymore.

  14. What is Winston’s job? • Ministry of Truth – he rewrites the past by correcting news articles, books, etc.

  15. Withers is not dead – he is an unperson. What is the difference between the two? • All traces of his existence have been wiped out – it’s like he had never existed in the first place

  16. In Newspeak, bad things aren’t bad; they are ____. Really good things are _____. • Ungood • doubleplusgood

  17. Section 1 Chapters 5-8

  18. What does Winston write about in his diary? • An encounter with a prostitute

  19. What is the Party’s view of marriage? Of sex? • Marriage is only for the purpose of bearing children • Marriages have to be approved by a committee • If two people seemed physically attracted to each other, the marriage request was declined • Sex is dirty, disgusting

  20. What is the Junior Anti-Sex League? • An organization that advocated complete celibacy • Conception through artificial insemination

  21. Who was Winston’s wife? What bothered him about her?  • Katherine • She was completely stupid • She seemed to hate sex but still insisted it happen

  22. What was the evidence that Winston had once been in possession of and what did it prove? • A photograph of Jones, Aaronson, and Rutherford in New York • The three men were some of the original leaders of the Revolution that led to Big Brother’s leadership • They were accused and convicted of sabotage and treason, among other things • At their last trial, the three had confessed that on that date, they were in Eurasia; however, the photo proves they weren’t • Evidence of the Party’s lies!

  23. Why weren’t the proles indoctrinated with the ideology of the Party?  • “Proles and animals are free.” • Proles (proletariat; from Latin, citizen of the lowest class) are considered to be unintelligent • They are the working class

  24. What is the uniform of members of the Party? • Overalls • Blue for Outer Party • Black for Inner Party

  25. Why is the memory of the prostitute so frustrating for Winston? • It was not satisfying • Winston wants someone with desire, someone who would enjoy sex • It, to him, is a form of rebellion

  26. According to the Party, what is the most harmful part of the sex act? • Pleasure • It creates loyalty to something other than the Party

  27. What has Winston come to want most about sex? What is the significance of this? • “to break down that wall of virtue” • To be with someone who will actually engage in the act and enjoy it • The Party teaches enjoying sex is a Bad Thing

  28. Why is it ironic that the proles get so outraged by a shortage of cooking pots? • It shows how much passion and power they are capable of – enough to start a rebellion • They will never rebel • “If there is hope, it lies in the proles.”

  29. Why are the Partyʼs statistics meaningless? • The Party manipulates information

  30. What is the effect of the old manʼs complaints about the change from pints to half liters of beer? • It gets Winston to talk to the old man about the past • This proves to be useless • Winston realizes the limitations of the proles

  31. Describe Mr. Charrington. • Old • White hair • Glasses • Seems intelligent and kindly

  32. Why does Winston purchase the piece of coral? • It seems to be from a different time than the one he lives in

  33. Section 2 Chapters 1-5

  34. Describe the incident with the girl in the hall, especially the “surprise." • She trips as she passes Winston in the hallway • He helps her up • As he helps her, she slips him a note. • “I love you.”

  35. What group does Winston suspect her of belonging to? • Thought Police

  36. How does Winston finally manage to talk to the girl? What is their plan?  • He sits with her at lunch • They are going to meet that evening

  37. Where do they meet? • Victory Square

  38. Despite the fact that there are no telescreens, why do they have to worry? • There were Party members in the square • Probably Thought Police, too

  39. Why is Winston excited at Julia’s sexual history?  • It indicated that there were more Party members engaged in acts of corruption • Winston will do anything to undermine the Party

  40. How often do Winston and Julia meet? Describe their meetings. • Every evening • About half an hour • Only talking when they didn’t see a Party member or telescreen

  41. Describe Julia. • Young and pretty • Something of a rebel • Hates the Party • Never heard of the Brotherhood

  42. What is Julia’s view on rebelling against Big Brother? • The Party wants to keep people from having a good time • Rules are made to be broken • Sex is bad - the Party wants to channel sexual frustration into hating the enemy and loving BB • Sex makes you happy inside, and you don’t care about Party politics • Not rebelling for the good of the future, but just for herself in the present – different than Winston! • “We are the dead.”

  43. Explain what’s happening with Mr. Charrington’s room and why it’s significant. • Winston and Julia have rented it out • They are meeting there • Winston feels as if he’s in a different world, away from BB and the Party

  44. What machine produces songs for the proles? • Versificator • P. 138

  45. What does Julia bring to the room? Where did she get it? • Real coffee • Sugar • White bread • Jam • Milk • Tea • She stole it

  46. What does Winston say about rats?  • He is scared of them

  47. What does Julia suggest about the war and the rocket bombs? • The war isn’t real • The rockets are fired by the gov’t to keep people scared

  48. How do Winston and Julia differ in terms of the view of the past?  • Julia doesn’t see the past as important • She isn’t old enough to remember a time before the Party • She has no interest in Party ideaology • “You’re only a rebel from the waist downwards.”

  49. Section 2 Chapters 6-10

  50. What does O’Brien give Winston and why is it significant? • His address • Confirms, in Winston’s mind, that O’Brien is on his side