The writer s voice edexcel gcse
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The Writer’s Voice Edexcel GCSE. Section 2 Last Minute Revision. Section 2. One question from a choice of two Reflect on ideas / issues / experiences / events Write in a form; newspaper article / formal report / magazine review / Make sure language suits particular audience

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The writer s voice edexcel gcse

The Writer’s VoiceEdexcel GCSE

Section 2

Last Minute Revision

Section 2
Section 2

  • One question from a choice of two

    • Reflect on ideas / issues / experiences / events

    • Write in a form; newspaper article / formal report / magazine review /

    • Make sure language suits particular audience

    • Consider counter-arguments / alternative points of view.

Assessment objectives
Assessment Objectives.

  • Write clearly, effectively, imaginatively

    • Using and adapting forms

    • Selecting appropriate vocabulary

      Suitable for audience and purpose

    • Organise information into structured and sequenced sentences

      - Use variety of language and structural features

    • Range of sentence structures.

    • Accurate punctuation and spelling

F l a p

  • Form: Letter, Leaflet, Article, Speech.

  • Language: Formal or informal?

  • Audience: Who are you writing for?

    • Adults, parents, children, teenagers, professionals?

  • Purpose: Why are you writing?

    • persuade, comment, inform, explain?

Language choices
Language Choices:

  • Write the text for a speech to be given to parents in which you advise them of the many pressures on teenagers today and explain what help they need from parents;

  • Your kids’/children’s/teenagers’ experience is incredibly / very different from what you lived through just a few years ago. Each day they are pushed / pressured / encouraged to work and behave in certain ways that you most likely have never imagine / believe / considered. School is all about results, friends are all about the right code of behaviour and family is about being cared for whilst seeming to be mature/grown up/independent. There is no place where your kids/ children/ teenagers can relax, as they are always being judged / tested / pressured.

    Choose which word you would use in each case and explain why…


  • Write an article persuading teachers to be more sympathetic to how students feel in the time leading up to examinations.

  • Quickly plan your answer using F.L.A.P.

Structural features
Structural Features

  • Presentational Devices:

    E.g. heading, sub-headings?

  • Discourse Markers

    • Firstly, Secondly, Finally

    • Overall, Furthermore, Conversely, Alternatively.

  • Linking Paragraphs/Ideas:

    • Therefore,

    • However

    • Although

    • Topic Sentences

    • The main reason ... Another reason

Language features
Language Features

  • Rhetorical Devices

    • Facts/Opinions

    • Emotive Language

    • Personal Pronouns

    • Hyperbole

    • Rhetorical Question

  • Long / Short Sentences

Punctuation for effect
Punctuation For Effect

  • Write down all the punctuation you can think of….

  • Exclamation marks

  • Question marks

  • Ellipses

  • Dashes / Brackets (extra info)

  • Speech Marks

  • Semi-Colon

  • Colon

Effective openings
Effective Openings:

  • Write your opening sentence…make it powerful!

  • Question: Why do you insist on portraying all teenagers as criminals?

  • Controversial: It isn’t teenagers who are committing crimes, 73% of offences committed last year were by 20-25 year olds.

  • Humorous / Ironic: I am fifteen years old and I can write in full sentences. Surprised?

  • Blunt: Your presentation of teenagers is unfair.

Sample paragraph write a letter to students arguing that a term time trip would be a good idea
Sample Paragraph:Write a letter to students arguing that a term-time trip would be a good idea

Examiner’s Comments:

Some sense of structure but there is no real connection between the first and second paragraph.

Good use of stats and facts but language choices are not strong enough in terms of tone.

  • Some may argue with me that taking time out of a term to go abroad is nothing but an upset as it takes time out of the curriculum to go and enjoy yourself well. Well they are wrong because we have tried this scheme in other schools in your area and the success rates in GCSE were a big improvement as before they averaged at 20 – 30% but now they are achieving 60-75% achieving A*-C.

  • The advantages of travelling abroad in school time is that students to see what travelling abroad is like. They to now what to do at the airport and what to do when booking a hotel. Pupils get to travel round the resort on their own and can find things.

D Grade

Sample questions
Sample Questions:

  • Your local council is planning some changes and have asked you to write a review of the community facilities for young people.

    -Write a review which suggests future improvements

  • Write an article for an information guide recommending a place of interest in the UK that might be enjoyable to visit.

    3. Write a magazine article for parents with the title “What makes a good school”?

    4. Write a speech on the topic of “Stress of Modern Life” to be given to a group of your peers.

The writer s voice edexcel gcse
A – A*

  • No ______, no _______, no _________.

  • Start/End each paragraph with a question

  • End with a quote! (make it up if you have to)

  • Find the right word!!!

  • Creative punctuation

  • Hyperbole

  • Creative similes

  • Perceptive / Precise / Efficient – Get to the Point.

Choose someone you know and answer the following question
Choose someone you know and answer the following question….

You want to nominate your friend for “teenage hero” of the year award. Write your nomination in the form of a persuasive letter to the judges.

  • For the purposes of this task, you can make up the reasons!

  • Demonstrate as many of the skills we have looked at as possible.