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World War II. Rise of Dictators Stalin’s Soviet Union. Economic Plans Huge collective farms Starvation & rationing Pushed industrialization more Reign of Terror Purges – removed enemies & undesirables Show trials – always guilty Millions killed or put in camps. Fascism in Italy.

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Rise of dictators stalin s soviet union
Rise of DictatorsStalin’s Soviet Union

  • Economic Plans

    • Huge collective farms

    • Starvation & rationing

    • Pushed industrialization more

  • Reign of Terror

    • Purges – removed enemies & undesirables

    • Show trials – always guilty

    • Millions killed or put in camps

Fascism in italy
Fascism in Italy

Benito Mussolini’s Fascist Party

Appointed Prime Minister

Suspended elections

Began conquests – Ethiopia

Hitler s rise to power
Hitler’s Rise to Power

Served in WWI – injured

Hated Versailles Treaty

Nazi party
Nazi Party

  • National Socialist German Workers Party

  • Nov. 1923 – 3000 followers tried to overthrow

  • Fail, jailed

  • Wrote “Mein Kampf”

    • Wanted German Homeland

    • Aryan Race – Blonde hair/blue eyes

Hitler becomes chancellor
Hitler Becomes Chancellor

1932 – made by Hindenburg

Suspended free speech and press

Brown shirts – Nazi thugs quiet opposition

1934 – Pres too = Der Fuhrer

Rearms and expands
Rearms and Expands

Secretly began rearming

Built autobahn

Army began taking over land

Allied with Italy = Axis Powers

Spanish civil war
Spanish Civil War

Several parties fought for power

Nationalist lead by Gen. Franco


Germany helped Franco

Europe goes to war invasion of poland
Europe Goes to WarInvasion of Poland

Hitler & Stalin sign Non-Aggression Pact

9/1/39 – Hitler invades Poland

9/3 – UK & France declare war

German blitzkrieg – lightening war

Fast, concentrated air and land attack

War in the west
War in the West

Poland fell, war stopped

Sitzkrieg – sit down war

Maginot Line – French fortification line

France falls
France Falls

4/9/40 – Attack Denmark & Norway

Went around Maginot

6/22 – France surrenders to Germany

Vichy France – Nazi control

Bottom ¼ - Gen de Gaulle & resistance

Allies – France, UK, USA

Battle of britain
Battle of Britain

Luftwaffe attacks London

Royal Air Force (RAF) attacks Berlin

Heavy bombing, much death, destruction

Britain hid in subway

Kids shipped to countryside

Japan builds an empire growing military power
Japan Builds an Empire Growing Military Power

1920s – recession

Military began influencing politics

Invaded and took Manchuria from China

Puppet State

War against china
War Against China

1937 invaded China

Rape of Nanjing – 100,000 killed

US wanted Japan to stop

UK helped China fight back

1940 – Japan joined Axis

Us chooses neutrality
US Chooses Neutrality

1930’s – Neutrality Acts

Prevented trade with countries at war

Europe and Asia fell to war

US watched

Americas involvement grows
Americas Involvement Grows

Revised Neutrality Acts

Gave aid to UK and France

Most wanted “all aid short of war”

FDR wins 3rd election

Lend-Lease = send aid now, get back later

Japan attacks
Japan Attacks!!!

  • Sunday, December 7, 1941 @ 7am

  • Radar saw planes “Don’t worry”

  • After 3 hours

    • 2400 killed

    • 200 planes destroyed

    • 18 warships sunk

  • 12/8 – US declares war

Us mobilization
US Mobilization

Selective Training and Service Act

16 million called GIs – Government Issue

25,000 NA – code talkers

Tuskegee Airmen – All AA units

350,000 women

The war economy
The War Economy

Office of War Mobilization

Stopped consumer goods

Started war goods

Ford – B-24 bombers

Paid by taxes and bonds

Daily life
Daily Life

  • Shortage of consumer goods

  • Food stamps & rationing

  • Food needed for troops

  • Victory Gardens

  • Spent money on other things

    • Baseball, music, movies

American s join in
American’s Join In

US & UK fought U-Boats in Atlantic

20 U-Boats = Wolf Pack

Sunk 175 ships in June 1942

North africa
North Africa

Feb 1941

Hitler sends Gen. Rommel “Desert Fox”

US Gen Eisenhower fought back

Nazi lost in 1943


US invaded Italy next under Gen. Patton

Mussolini arrested, new gov. set

Nazi pushed out by April 1945

Soviet union
Soviet Union

  • German blitzkrieg & Luftwaffe

  • Nazi began to take over

  • Stalin called for help, US did

  • Battle of Stalingrad (Sept 1942)

    • Red Army took advantage of winter

    • Losses: Germany 33,000, Red – 1 million

Allied air war
Allied Air War

RAF’s carpet bombing – 3000 planes

1000’s of civilians killed

Invasion of western europe
Invasion of Western Europe

  • Operation Overlord by Gen. Marshall

  • D-Day June 6, 1944

  • Ships, planes attack Normandy, France

  • Able to liberate France

  • Battle of the Bulge

    • Small US units took West Europe

War ends
War Ends

Soviets fought to Berlin in 1945

Hitler refuses to leave city

Underground bunker with wife

Suicide April 30th

Germany surrenders May 8th

VE Day

Yalta conference
Yalta Conference

Feb 1945

Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin

Split Germany in 4

Berlin too (deep in USSR)

Stalin promised to end war with Japan

Didn’t keep promise

The holocaust
The Holocaust

Aryans – Germanic People

Semites – Middle Eastern/Jews

Anti-Semitism – hatred of Jews

Hitler believed in Aryan superiority

Persecution in germany
Persecution in Germany

1933 – Anti-Semitism became law

33-45 – 6 million Jews killed

Other groups (6 mil) suffered too

Nazi policies
Nazi Policies

Jews lost citizenship, fired, sell business

Define “Jew” – 3 of 4 grandparents

“Sarah” and “Israel”

Forced to wear Star of David


Most Jews believed they would endure

November 9, 1938

SS destroyed all Jew stores, houses, temples

“Night of Broken Glass”

Forced to ghettos


Mobile killing squads in Russia

Jews and Communists dug own graves

Shot by Nazi soldiers

Wannsee Conference 1942

Wanted Final Solution

Death camps part 1
Death Camps – Part 1

Zyklon B – pesticide

Shower rooms that expelled gas

6 camps in Poland became Death Camps

Used cattle trains to move people

Death camps part 2
Death Camps – Part 2

Auschwitz & Dachau = worst

2 lines – Work or Die

Gas Chamber -> furnace

Alive – shaved, tattoo, work

Death camps part 3
Death Camps – Part 3

Hard work, little food, disease, brutality

Torture and medical experiments

12,000 gassed a day

Rebellion rescue liberation
Rebellion, Rescue, & Liberation

Some Jews fought back

Worked for a moment

US knew in 1942 – did nothing

Troops found camps in 1945

Photographed everything!

No idea what they were seeing

Nuremberg trials
Nuremberg Trials

24 Nazi leaders tried for crimes against humanity

12 got death

Israel still finding and trying Nazi criminals

War in the pacific
War in the Pacific

Japan took over much of East Asia

POWs tortured, marched for days

Ship battles, many attacks

Fought on islands – Island hopping

Kamikazes – suicide planes

Japanese in US put in internment camps

Iwo jima and okinawa
Iwo Jima and Okinawa

Two major battles

Iwo Jima – 25,000 deaths, 27 medal of honor

Famous flag picture

Okinawa – huge allied fleet, fought kamikazes

50,000 dead

Manhattan project
Manhattan Project

To develop atomic bomb

Truman made decision to drop to save lives

8/6/45 – 1st bomb on Hiroshima

80,000 killed, 90% of city leveled

August 14th – Japan surrenders