no end in sight
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No End in Sight

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No End in Sight. In the First TWO years of the War, neither side gained a decisive victory over the other. Key Terms Battle of Shiloh Cavalry Seven Days’ Battles Battle of Antietam. Key People Ulysses S. Grant. Key Vocabulary and Key People. Call of the Sirens.

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no end in sight

No End in Sight

In the First TWO years of the War, neither side gained a decisive victory over the other

key vocabulary and key people
Key Terms

Battle of Shiloh


Seven Days’ Battles

Battle of Antietam

Key People

Ulysses S. Grant

Key Vocabulary and Key People
call of the sirens
Call of the Sirens
  • Ulysses S. Grant used a strategy of finding, fighting, destroying, and moving on from your enemy to fight in the west
  • Grant would make a Bold Move into Tennessee to capture Fort Henry and Fort Donelson opening up river ways to the South
  • When the forts were captured people fled Nashville which Grant took control of
just another day on the battlefield
Just another Day on the Battlefield
  • Albert S. Johnston of the South would order a retreat of his forces but would surprise attack Grant near Shiloh Church as he waited for more troops
  • The Battle of Shiloh saw Generals rally their soldiers, but Johnston would be killed in the fighting
  • After gaining more troops in a severe thunderstorm grant would attack a tired southern army and win the Battle of Shiloh
  • The North lost 13,000 soldiers compared to the South’s 11,000 but would continue to fight under Grant
gunboats i thought you said gumbo
  • The North, led by David Farragut, Would capture New Orleans Under Heavy Gunfire
  • The Capture of New Orleans nearly split the South in two and was a huge setback to the Confederacy
  • The Union needed only to take Vicksburg, Mississippi to split the South
worst week ever
Worst Week Ever
  • With Grant Successful in the West George McClellan looked to recapture Richmond in the East
  • Robert E. Lee would use a Cavalry of Spies to scout on McClellan’s Army then order attack leading to the Seven Days’ Battles
  • The Loss of the Seven Days’ Battles and the Second Battle of Bull Run ended The Northern Threat in Virginia
northern exposure
Northern Exposure
  • After the success of his Battles in the East, Lee decided to invade the North at Maryland
  • Assuming a quick victory, Lee wanted to force the North to Talk peace and give the Virginia farmers a chance to harvest their crops
  • Lee also hoped a victory would bring Europe onto the confederate side
  • France and Britain were preparing to recognize the confederacy as a country and now badly needed cotton for their factories
red corn rising
Red Corn Rising
  • As Lee drew up plans for the North a confederate soldier left the plans behind and they were Turned over to General McClellan
  • Lee and McClellan’s Army met at Antietam creek and started fighting the Battle of Antietam, seeing the bloodiest day of American history
  • 25,000 men would lose their life in the Battle and Lee would retreat to the south
  • McClellan, unwilling to follow Lee, would be fired by Lincoln, who was fed up with McClellan’s Leadership
this has been another world famous mr green powerpoint presentation

This Has Been Another World Famous Mr. Green PowerPoint Presentation

Blood as thick as water?