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  1. WELCOME . . . To A Presentation on vpi Employment Services

  2. Your Presenters • April Grainger, Career Specialist • Paul Burns, Career Specialist

  3. vpi Services • vpihas provided employment services to eligible Canadian residents since 1988 • vpi Employment Services are funded by the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities (MTCU) / Employment Ontario • No cost to clients

  4. Eligibility Criteria Our Unique Programs & Services The Ideal Candidate Referral Process Q & A Agenda

  5. vpi Unique Service Objectives • Assist individuals who are looking for work by assessing their employment needs • Help them connect with appropriate vpiservices & programs, and Ministry-sponsored programs • Provide ongoing support until sustainable employment is secured

  6. Although not really a service, vpi can assist referrals with first-language support to get them off to a great start Even though we prefer our referrals to be strong in their English skills (Level 5 CLB minimum), vpi does have Mandarin & Cantonese speaking staff in the Richmond Hill office At vpi we also have a diverse base of other languages to draw from if required vpi Unique Languages

  7. Hidden Job Market Job Management Resume Building Resume Feedback Workplace Safety Budgeting Basics Writing Winning Letters Researching The Labour Market Interview Preparation Interview Practice Positive Thinking Goal Setting Understanding the Canadian Workplace vpiUnique Job Readiness Workshops

  8. Job Matching, Placement & Incentives • Objective: to match individual’s skills and interests with employment opportunities and employers’ needs in the local labour market. • Placements can include: apprenticeship training; work trials (for determining employability) and work experience opportunities. • Additional assistance is available through placement monitoring, support and follow up. • Wage incentives may be available to employers.

  9. Job Matching, Placement & Incentives • Eligibility: • Unemployed /Underemployed persons not in full-time training. • Unable to secure work independently due to multiple employment barriers. • Legally entitled to work in Canada.

  10. Second Career – What is It? • The objective of Second Career is to support laid off, unemployed individuals who require skills training to assist them to find employment in occupations with demonstrated labour market prospects in Ontario.

  11. Skills Enhancement Programmes for Persons with Disabilities • vpiwill assist with the application process to obtain funding for upgrading from Employment Ontario & The Opportunities Fund Eligibility Criteria: - Unemployed - Legally entitled to work in Canada - Currently not on EI / reach-back status - Identify as having a disability

  12. Ontario Self-Employment Benefit – What is it? • Provides entrepreneurial skills development support to approved participants to help them develop and implement their business plan and become self employed. • Allows participants to concentrate on building a sustainable business by providing them with financial assistance while they receive business advice and support.

  13. Eligibility for the Ontario Self Employment Benefit program Basic Client Eligibility: • Have an active claim with Employment Insurance (E.I.). • Have had an active claim that ended in the past 36 months (3 years). • Have had a Maternity or Parental claim that began within the past 60 months (5 years).

  14. Business Eligibility • Client must have a viable business concept. • Requires the business support and training. • Client must posses the skills and relevant qualifications (if any) necessary to carry out their business concept. • Client must not have previously owned and operated a successful business.

  15. Job Creation Partnership • Provides an opportunity for individuals who want to develop their skills, gain work experience, build their résumé, and create networking connections. • Can last up to 52 weeks. • Partnership ends if employment is secured. • Must be eligible for EI Benefits or qualify for Reachback status.

  16. Practice Firms • Modeled after real businesses to provide unemployed individuals with “hands on” experience in their field in which they have experience and/or training while looking for employment.

  17. Practice Firms Eligibility: • Unemployed or under employed • 18 years of age or older • Have an active claim with Employment Insurance (E.I.) • Have had an active claim that ended in the past 36 months (3 years).

  18. Practice Firms • Participants work in real departments of a simulated business & gain valuable work experience in areas including: • Administrative Support • Accounting • Human Resources • Marketing/Sales • Purchasing • Graphic Arts • Information Technology

  19. What is an Apprenticeship? • Apprenticeship is the entry point and the path to a rewarding career in a skilled trade. • Involves hands-on training learned in the workplace. • Also involves classroom based instruction at a post-secondary institution.

  20. Apprenticeship • Ontario has apprenticeship programs for more than 150 trades and occupations in FOUR sectors: • Construction • Industrial/manufacturing • Motive power • Service

  21. Pre-Apprenticeships Training Programs These programs will support potential entrants to the apprenticeship system who require job readiness skills and trade readiness experience to gain employment as Apprentices.

  22. Employment Resource Centre • Free faxing, photocopying, local phone calls and computers with high speed internet. • Employment resources are available to assist you with your job search. • A Resource Specialist is always available for assistance in the Centre.

  23. Ideal Referral • An ideal candidate for vpi Richmond Hill employment services is someone; • Who is unemployed (under 20 hours/wk) • Not a FT student • Not on EI Parental or Sick benefits • Not registered at another Employment Service For ES services: • 900 SINS require a work permit • Work Permit must have no conditions For MTCU Programs: • Convention Refugees require a letter of decision

  24. Making a Referral • All referrals to vpi Richmond Hill go through our 1-888-882-9550 Call Centre and then are transferred directly to our office in Richmond Hill where they are booked directly into our Steps To Success information session. • Individuals can call on their own behalf, or • An organization can make the call for them • The caller should say where they heard about us

  25. We are here to help you We ask that you call us at anytime if you have questions or require additional information at 905-882-9561.

  26. Any Last Questions?

  27. Thank You For Asking Us To Present Our Services To You.