wisdot bidding and prequalification changes for 2010 n.
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Wisdot bidding and prequalification changes for 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Wisdot bidding and prequalification changes for 2010

Wisdot bidding and prequalification changes for 2010

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Wisdot bidding and prequalification changes for 2010

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  1. Wisdot bidding and prequalification changes for 2010

  2. All proposals will require electronic bidding unless waived in the advertisement • Improves accuracy of the bidding process • Reduces WisDOT resource requirements Electronic bidding requirements

  3. If the electronic bidding requirement is waived: • Paper Bids must be submitted to Hill Farms room 601 • People wishing to attend in person, in room 601, will receive a hard copy listing of the “as-read” proposal totals Public openings

  4. Submittals will be required biennially (every other year) • WisDOT still reserves the right to request interim submittals • A contractor may request an interim review only if there is a significant reorganization or substantial change in the financial position of the company Changes to prequalification Process

  5. Submittals must be received 10 business days prior to the letting • New bidders or bidders requesting a rating in a new work classification must submit detailed project descriptions and references for completed work Changes to prequalification Process

  6. Rename group I – “Street and Airport Lighting” to “Electrical Construction” • Work includes trenching and underground duct work, placing electrical cable on or under the ground, placing light bases, poles and fixtures, furnishing and installing visual and instrument aids to navigation (i.e. VASI, REIL, VOR, NDB, ILS/ALS, etc.), to include generators, regulators, transformers and related equipment, traffic signals, loop detectors, ITS equipment, traffic counters and incident management related equipment. Work classification Modifications

  7. Add new group L “Material Supplier” Work includes procuring, manufacturing, assembling or delivering materials that may be incorporated in a Department project. e.g. structural steel suppliers Work classification Modifications

  8. All LLCs, LLPs and JVs without directly controlled assets must execute an indemnification agreement • The Department will notify affected parties during the prequalification process • The Department will supply the required indemnification agreement • An example agreement will also be included in the prequalification policy on the HCCI site Limited Liability companies, limited liability partnerships and Joint ventures

  9. Unlimited ratings will be eliminated • All contractors that are currently listed as unlimited will have their ratings revised during their next update • Work classifications will be revised to match bidders capabilities e.g. structures or grading Unlimited ratings

  10. What is a rating factor? • PQ Limit = Financial Factor X Rating Factor • The rating factor is reduced for departures from Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) e.g. consolidating a variable interest entity (VIE) Rating factor Issues

  11. Safety component • Are prequalification limits keeping up with inflation? • Effects of depreciation • taxes vs. prequalification Still investigating

  12. Bidding changes require standard specification and advertisement modifications • Prequalification changes require standard specification, prequalification policy and form modifications • Some prequalification issues require further investigation/discussion • Anticipate implementation in March 2010 • Will issue general notices to bidders on HCCI Implementation issues