header bidding for publisher and advertiser n.
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Header Bidding for Publisher and Advertiser PowerPoint Presentation
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Header Bidding for Publisher and Advertiser

Header Bidding for Publisher and Advertiser

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Header Bidding for Publisher and Advertiser

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  1. Header Bidding for Publisher and Advertiser

  2. What is Header Bidding? • Header Bidding is a progressed automatic promoting procedure that fills in as an option in contrast to the Google strategy. • Header Bidding is additionally at times alluded to as development offering or pre-bidding, and bidding distributers an approach to at the same time offer ad space out to various SSPs or Ad Exchanges. •  Advertisers from various demand source bid on the similar inventory at the similar time, giving them a huge choice of space and brings large revenue for publisher .

  3. How does Header Bidding works? • Header offering is an innovation that enables a distributer to get offers for advertisement impressions. • Header offering is not the same as different sorts of automatic publicizing since it necessitates that a line of JavaScript is set in the locales header. • This content starts the sale for the purchasers , and the most astounding offer is sent to the distributer's advertisement server.

  4. Header bidding for Publisher • By putting some JavaScript on their site, when a specific page is stacked, it connects with all bolstered SSPs or promotion trades for offers before its advertisement server's own direct-sold stock is called. • Distributers can even enable the triumphant offer to rival valuing from the immediate deals. Benefits : • Easily control the campaign performance • Earn high revenue for publisher • Gradually improving campaign performance

  5. Header Bidding for Advertiser • All sponsors have an incredible taken best ad inventory. • Header offering gives advertiser access to all the distributer's inventory, so they recognize what's accessible at what cost. • Promoters would then be able to offer sufficiently high on the off chance that they truly need that top notch stock. •

  6. Solution for Publisher and Advertiser • Header Bidding offers an alluring answer for distributers, yet publicists can likewise exploit it as well. • Where publisher can profit by bigger incomes, publicists can gain admittance to better promotion space to arrive at their future clients all the more successfully. • Notwithstanding, for some header offering will simply be another piece of the mind boggling, developing automatic promoting scene. • We can provide header bidding ad server as well as header bidding plug-in to attract more customers. • dJAX’sReviveadservermod specifically works on it.