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Welcome to Wildcat Country!

Welcome to Wildcat Country!. 2008-09. Introductions. Mrs. Kettering – Principal Mr. Hall – Assistant Principal Ms. Berry – Dean of Students Mr. Mireles – Counselor Mr. Hamdard - Counselor

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Welcome to Wildcat Country!

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  1. Welcome to Wildcat Country! 2008-09

  2. Introductions • Mrs. Kettering – Principal • Mr. Hall – Assistant Principal • Ms. Berry – Dean of Students • Mr. Mireles – Counselor • Mr. Hamdard - Counselor • Mr. Montez (Henry) and Ms. Ferrel (Dima) –Campus Security • Ms. Crites – School Nurse • Ms. Trapp – School Secretary

  3. Introductions • Mr. Wall- In School Suspension • Ms. Gallant (Anita) – Intramurals • Ms. Hatfield (Samantha) -Noon Duty Yard Duty Crossing Guard • Sally -Yard Duty Supervisor • Mrs. Palkoner (Wendy) -Yard Duty Supervisor • Ms. Kelley (Jimmie) -Yard Duty Supervisor

  4. Introductions • Mrs. Bartlett – ASB Secretary • Ms. Dove (Glynis) – Conflict Resolution Manager • Ms. Couchman – Registrar • Ms Mota – Attendance • Ms. Maack – Attendance • Ms. Davis – Cafeteria • Ms. Peterson – ASB Advisor • Mr. Ferguson – Athletic Director

  5. Clubs • Reptile Education Club • Ag and Nature Club • Flower Power Club • Chess and Game Club • Spirit Club • Youth Act Club Sign-ups will be next Friday August 22nd!

  6. Athletics • Mr. Ferguson, AD • Fall Sports • Girl’s Volleyball (grade 6-8) • Flag Football • Soccer • Cross Country

  7. Sports Packets • RETURN ONLY TO MR. FERGUSON!

  8. Cafeteria Payment • Payments accepted before school only! • Do Not buy food for friends! • Cafeteria Opens at 7:15 a.m.

  9. GO TO LUNCH! • When the bell rings go right to the blacktop for lunch. • No students in the hallways during lunch periods. • Use the bathroom by the cafeteria, not the one by the 300 building.

  10. Lunchtime Intramurals • GAMES IN THE CAFETERIA in the morning! • Fall - flag football and soccer • Winter - Basketball • Spring - Baseball

  11. Intramurals • See Anita if: • You want to play Intramurals • You want to referee Intramurals

  12. Arriving Late/ Leaving Early • Check in with the office first! Do not go directly to class! • Parents must check you out in the attendance office (near the nurse’s office)

  13. Everyday Counts! • The easiest way to fail a class is not to be there!

  14. Cell Phones/Electronic Devices (eg IPOD’s) • Do not bring electronic devices or cell phones to school. • If you bring them to school, you bring them at your own risk. • We will not investigate missing electronic devices! • Cell phones are not to be out or on during school hours

  15. Conduct Expectations • RESPECT • Yourself • Others • The School

  16. Know your teacher’s expectations! • Every teacher has their own procedures. • Learn them!

  17. Conduct Code • Read your student handbook carefully with your parents • Sign the last page of the handbook • Have your parents sign the last page of the handbook • Return this page to your first period teacher by Wednesday

  18. Class Tardies Cost You! • Be on time to class! • Being tardy will result in • Unsatisfactory Citizenship Mark on grade report • Detention • TASK (Thursday’s After School from 3:15-6:00) • Saturday School • Being placed on the unsat list (ineligibility)

  19. Dress Code • Solid Colored Shirt! • Blue Jeans are OKAY! • Girls! Button your shirts! • Boys! Keep your pants up! • TUCK IN YOUR SHIRTS!

  20. Chewing Gum • NO GUM ALLOWED ON CAMPUS!

  21. Clean Campus • If you see trash, please throw it in the garbage cans • If you have trash, throw it away (this includes your lunch!)

  22. What is Harassment? • ANY inappropriate comment or act toward another because of their: • Race • Religion • Gender (girl or boy) • Sexual Orientation (even if you are joking…calling someone “gay”) • Age (calling someone a baby) • National Origin (making fun of someone because they are from another country)

  23. Bullying • Bullying is NOT allowed at SMS. • Bullying is any act or comment which intimidates, threatens or creates a hostile environment for another

  24. Safe School Ambassadors • Student Ambassadors help you handle a problem you are having with another person…any problem!

  25. Conflict Manager • If you need help resolving a problem with another person, see Glynis! • She can help!

  26. Academic Expectations • FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION! • NO “F” grades in order to participate in promotion! • Goal: Keep your dreams alive!

  27. Academic Study Hall • Offered four days a week beginning the end of September from 3:05-4:00 • Mandatory for students failing classes

  28. College Prep Program • 8th period classes • Algebra Support (for students in 8th grade Algebra) • 7th grade Math Support (to prepare students for Algebra) • 6th grade Math • Writing Proficiency Class

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