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India-Pakistan Kashmir Conflict

India-Pakistan Kashmir Conflict. By Ali Laghari Hector Arrarian Ásdís Sæmundsdóttir Marisa Jimenez . Demography Of Kashmir.

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India-Pakistan Kashmir Conflict

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  1. India-Pakistan Kashmir Conflict • By Ali Laghari • Hector Arrarian • Ásdís Sæmundsdóttir • Marisa Jimenez

  2. Demography Of Kashmir Kashmir is a beautiful mountain area that borders Pakistan and India. Kashmir is known as “Heaven Of The Earth. It is very a very nice place but is a bit dangerous nowadays

  3. History Of Kashmir • Until the year of 1947, India was a British colony. When the British stopped controlling the area, India decided to split in two. The area where Muslims were a majority became Pakistan but the Hindus got India. • Kashmir had its choice which country it would belong to but the ruler of Kashmir was Hindu but the majority of Kashmir were Muslims. • Kashmir’s Muslim part Jammu-Kashmir is now a part of Pakistan

  4. Pictures Of Kashmir

  5. The Conflict • The Conflict between India and Pakistan is that who should control Kashmir? • Neither country wants Kashmir to become independent. • Pakistani’s say since there are so many Muslims in Kashmir it should be a part of Pakistan • The Hindus say it should be a part of India because Hindu’s are living in Kashmir too.

  6. Why Does It Matter to control Kashmir? • Kashmir is Important to both countries in many ways. • The area is rich in natural resources and important from a security point of view. • The biggest rivers in Pakistan and India have their origin in the area so it is important from a agriculture in both countries to control the water sources.

  7. “my opinion Kashmir is very different than a normal Indian Hindu would say. Before doing this Kashmir project last year in Mr. Sawyer's class, I always said that Kashmir should go to India because that is where it all began at and also to support my country. However, after doing tons of research and looking at polls, I realized that I needed to start looking at what the Kashmiris wanted; the polls stated that almost all of Kashmir wanted to be an independent country and do not want to deal with India and Pakistan anymore. I understand that majority of Kashmir is Muslim, however that does not give them the right to send them away to Pakistan, because majority of Kashmir is in India which means that they are Indian Muslims. Indians do not want to be sent away to Pakistan and Pakistanis do not want to be in India. I believe that they should have the right to decide on where THEY want to live, which is Kashmir. I know what you might be thinking now. You might be thinking, "well why would they want to stay in Kashmir because Kashmir has so much ruckus and war going on between the Hindus and Muslims right now? Well I would divide them up and put the Hindus in one area and the Muslims in the other. Hindus and Muslims need to learn to be respectful to each other. Kashmir is a place known as "Heaven of the Earth", people do not want to leave it, it's actually known as quite holy to live there. Kashmir is divided into India and Pakistan, and at least they both got some of Kashmir and they should be happy with what they have, however nobody ever thinks about what the Kashmiris want. So that's my opinion on Kashmir, I have so much more to say about this but I don't want to take up your time limit! Also, I thank Mr. Sawyer for letting me do this project; it changed my views not only on Kashmiris, but on Muslims. SO THANKS MR. SAWYER I LOVE YOU!”-Aparna Joshi

  8. Opinion Of A Kashmiri Guy • “Hello, My Name is Awais Awan. I was born in Kashmir but I currently live in Long Island, New York. My opinion on Kashmir is that we should be A part of Pakistan because majority of Muslims are in Pakistan and we feel safer with our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters.”

  9. What the Kashmiri’s want!

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