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The Stuart

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The Stuart

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  1. The Stuart In English History

  2. The Index • The Origins • The Importance • The monarchs • James I • Charles I • Oliver Cromwell • Charles II • James II • Mary II • William III • Anne • The Hannover • The Timeline • The Sources coat of arms of Stuart, or Stewart, House Fiodor Nicola Misuri

  3. The Origins The Index • The House of Stewart, or Stuart, has been the royal house of Scotland since 14th century • The Stuarts reigned Scotland until 1707 • It started to reign Great Britain in 1603, when Elizabeth I died and James VI, became James I, king of Scotland, England end Ireland Mary I of England, known as Bloody Mary, portrait by Anthonis Mor van Dashorst, 1554 Fiodor Nicola Misuri

  4. The Importance The Index • The Stuart dynasty covered the entire 17th century • It was one of the most important and relevant centuries in English history • In this period a lot of events, happened in following centuries, were anticipated the execution of Charles I, by Gonzales Coques, c. 1649 portrait of John Locke, the life of the Glorious Revolution, by Sir Godfrey Kneller, 1697 Arms of the Commonwealth Fiodor Nicola Misuri

  5. James I The Index • He was the son of Mary I of Scotland and nephew of Elizabeth I • He became king of Scotland in 1567 • He became king of England and Ireland in 1603 • during his reign: • the union act • the Gunpowder plot • the Pilgrims Fathers • he died in 1625 portrait by John de Critz, c. 1606 Fiodor Nicola Misuri

  6. Charles I The Index • He became king in 1625 • He started a series of wars against Spain and France • in order to fight these wars he tired to increase the taxation • the Parliament had the power to decide about taxation • He reigned for 11 years with a dismissed Parliament • cracking relationship with Parliament • the divine power of the king was put into the question • the Civil War broke out in 1642 • He was executed in 1649 portrait by Gerrit van Honthorst, 1628 Fiodor Nicola Misuri

  7. Oliver Cromwell The Index • He fought during the Civil War in the parliamentarian deployment • He won the Civil War with his Ironsides, based on a New Model Army • He started a war to conquer Ireland • He instituted the Commonwealth of England • He proclaimed himself Lord Protector • He made the Parliament approve the Navigation Acts formed the basis for British overseas trade for nearly 200 years • He died in 1658 portrait by Samuel Cooper, 1656  Fiodor Nicola Misuri

  8. Charles II The Index • He was Anglican son of Charles I • He was the protagonist of the restoration of the monarchy • Two dramatic events changed the facet of London and England: • The Great Plague in 1665 • The Great Fire of London in 1666 • He died in 1685 portrait by John Riley, c. 1680–1685 Fiodor Nicola Misuri

  9. James II The Index • He was the brother of Charles II • He was Catholic • He took possession of the throne • It was a dangerous situation • He was deposed and was substituted for his protestant daughter, Mary, in the Glorious Revolution or Bloodless Revolution • He died 1701 portrait by John Riley, c. 1680–1685 Fiodor Nicola Misuri

  10. Mary II The Index • She was the Protestant daughter of James II • She married William III of Orange • She reigned the English Kingdom since 1689 • The Bill of Rights was approved • She was succeeded by her husband William III • She died in 1694 portrait by William Wissing, 1685 Fiodor Nicola Misuri

  11. William III The Index • He was the Statholder of Low Countries • He became Mary’s husband • He reigned with her since 1689 • He reigned with her until 1692 • From now on he reigned alone • The parliamentary constitutional monarchy was defined for the first time • He died in 1702 portrait by Sir Godfrey Kneller, c. 1680s Fiodor Nicola Misuri

  12. Anne The Index • She was the sister of Mary II • She married the Prince of Denmark, George • Her ideas were in line with the ideas of the Bloodless Revolution • He died in 1714 • The Stuart line ended Portrait by Charles Jervas, 1702-1714 Fiodor Nicola Misuri

  13. The Hanover The Index • The Hanover was the following reigning house • George I of Great Britain and Ireland succeeded the queen Anne • The last monarch belonging to House of Hanover was the famous figure of Queen Victoria coat of arms of House of Hanover Fiodor Nicola Misuri

  14. The Timeline The Index Fiodor Nicola Misuri

  15. The Sources The Index • • 4BLS - English History. The Stuarts in English History • The Stuarts • The Stuart dynasty and the monarchs • The Petition of Rights • The Bill of Rights • Fiodor Nicola Misuri

  16. Thanks for your attention Fiodor Nicola Misuri