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  2. Learning Objectives • 1) Who Gilbert Stuart? • 2) Why was he famous? • 3) What are 2 interesting facts about him?

  3. Gilbert Charles Stuart was born in Rhode Island in 1755 (before the Revolutionary War)to Scottish parents who were loyal to England

  4. Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte Gilbert Stuart Gilbert Stuart is widely considered to be one of America's foremost portraitists. What is a portrait?Why are portraits so important during Stuart’s time period?

  5. The Skater, William Grant Only rich people could afford to have a portrait painted. Stuart made a lot of money, but he also spent a lot of money. He was always in debt .

  6. Portrait of THOMAS JEFFERSON Throughout his career, Gilbert Stuart produced portraits of over 1,000 people, including the first six Presidents of the United States (Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe and Adams)

  7. George Washington posed for Stuart 3 times. This is his 3rd portrait. It was painted during Washington’s 2nd term. Stuart made lots of copies of this portrait. He sold them to make money, since he was always spending too much.

  8. Gilbert Stuart's 1796 painting of George Washington is his most celebrated and famous work. The original copy was purposely left unfinished by StuartDo you think Washington really looked like this?

  9. NOT EXACTLY! • We know that Washington’s face was scarred from smallpox, and that had a large mole under his left ear. Stuart left both out of the painting. Yet, Stuart’s version of Washington is what everyone THINKS he looked like. • In the painting, Washington is wearing his false teeth… that is why his mouth is closed and why he looks so uncomfortable. The teeth were made of wood and his mouth probably hurts!

  10. During the War of 1812, the painting was saved from being destroyed by British troops. First Lady, Dolly Madison, took the painting and the Declaration of Independence from the White House before it was burned down. Stuart’s painting still hangs in the White House today, across from a painting of Dolly Madison.

  11. The image of George Washington featured in the painting has appeared on the United States one-dollar bill for over a century. This is funny since Stuart was always short on money!

  12. Gilbert Stuart died in Boston, in 1828, at the age of 72. He was still in debt.

  13. Today, Stuart's birthplace in Saunderstown, Rhode Island is open to the public as the Gilbert Stuart Birthplace and Museum. The museum consists of the original house Stuart was born in, with copies of paintings from throughout his career hanging throughout the house.

  14. Gilbert Stuart In 1940 the U.S. Post Office issued a series of Postage stamps called the “Famous Americans Series.” Stuart was chosen to be featured on one of the stamps.

  15. Learning Objectives • 1) Who Gilbert Stuart? • 2) Why was he famous? • 3) What are 2 interesting facts about him?