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  1. …MUSIC… By Claire and Jazmyn

  2. What we know about music!!! • Music has been played by a lot of famous artist . • Music is sometimes played with instruments. • There are over million songs around in world !!! • There is different types of music like jazz, hip-hop, romantic and more...

  3. What was the first instrument ever made! The 1rst instrument ever made was our own voice!!!2nd was the drums followed by the string instruments!

  4. What kind of instruments are there? Conch shell -The Conch shell is a type of music that has been played by the Mexican's used signalling and ritual in many coastal cultures Dragon horn -This dragon horn, similar to a trumpet, creates it sound when the player blows into the end, or a hole on the side, making a vibration on the player’s lips.  European oud -These types of instruments are short necked, pear shaped, plucked shaped. The oud's name derives from al-oud , meaning branch of wood. Didgeridoo -A simple trumpet used by the Aboriginal people of northern Australia A mouthpiece made of beeswax sits atop the smaller end of the instrument, and its unique sound is made when the players vibrate their lips against the mouthpiece.

  5. This is what the 1rst Instrument look like. This flute is 3500 years old !!!It was the first instrument made ever! It was one of the first example of technology . It was made from the bone of a giant vulture from the upper Palaeolithic .

  6. …Whatwelearnt… That the first instrument was our own voice!! There are more than a million artist that sing. There are heaps of instruments in the world that we don’t even know yet. People from different country use music in differentways.

  7. artists.

  8. T H E N E N D !!!