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Wheat Kings

Wheat Kings. Tragically Hip . Sundown in the Paris of the prairies Wheat Kings have all their treasures barried All you hear are the rusty breezes Hanging around the weather vane Jesus.

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Wheat Kings

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  1. Wheat Kings Tragically Hip

  2. Sundown in the Paris of the prairiesWheat Kings have all their treasures barriedAll you hear are the rusty breezesHanging around the weather vane Jesus

  3. In a zippo lighter you see the killer's faceMaybe it's someone standing in the killers placeTwenty Years for nothing well that nothing newBesides no one is interested in what you didn't doWheat Kings and pretty things,Lets just see what the morning brings

  4. There's a dream he dreams where the high school is dead and starkIt's a museum and we're all locked up and after dark up in it and after darkWhere the walls are lined all yellow gray and sinisterHung with pictures of our parents prime ministersWheat Kings and pretty things,Lets just see what the tomorrow brings

  5. Late breaking story on the CBC,A nation whispers "we always know he'd go free"They add "you can't be fond of living in the past,Cause if you are then there is no way you are going to last"Wheat Kings and pretty things,Lets just see what the morning bringsWheat Kings and pretty things,Thats what the morning brings

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  7. Tragically Hip Tragically Hip, a Canadian band, five guys Johnny Fay – Drums, Gord Sinclair – Bass, Paul Langlois- Guitar, Rob Baker - Lead Guitar, and the charismatic Gordon Downie – Vocals. The band met in their hometown of Kingstin, Ontario Canada. They formed in 1984, and had their first album out by 1987. Their songs were meaningful, with lines that rang true. From “New Orleans is sinking and I don't want to swim”, “No dress rehearsal, this is our life”, to “Courage, it couldn't come at a worse time”. Gordon Downie writes most of the songs. He also writes poetry, he is very into his songs. He is known for going on into rants. Most famous is killer whale tank, there all improved. No concert is ever the same. His band mates have become immune to the yelling of Gordon, so immune he has use Rob Bakers long hair as a mustache, and yelled at Paul Langlois. They don’t blink an eye, they just keep playing. They have won 14 Juno awards. And have been inducted to the Canadian music hall of fame, and hold the record for the most number one debuts on the Canadian album charts with eight hits. Back

  8. Paris of the Prairies • Some Province’s that were up and coming would refer to themselves as the Paris of the Prairies. • Also David Milgaard and his friends were going across the Canadian prairies when he was detained. Back

  9. Killers Face • In 1969, a young man, David Milgaard and two of his friends took a road trip across Canada. They were in Saskatoon, when the body of a nursing student, 20 year old Gail Miller was found with her throat slit and raped. David was charged with her murder. And sentenced to life in jail. He was just 16. Back

  10. Killers Place • But David Milgaard didn’t kill her. Larry Fisher, did. Gail was not the only young woman to be raped and killed by Larry Fisher. But though Larry was at one point in jail, it was for another rape. Not Gails. Back

  11. Our Parents Prime Ministers. • During Milgaard’s time in jail there where 6 Prime Ministers. His mother, who still believed her son was innocent, pleaded with a few to review her son case. back

  12. CBC Back “On April 16, 1992, after David had spent 8,355 days behind bars, CBC anchorman Peter Mansbridge announced what everyone knew was coming: David Milgaard was finally a free man.” (The Museum after Dark)

  13. Twentyyears for nothing • 23 years- David spent 23 years in jail. He spent more of his life in jail then out. There was a movie made about his life. they said. • “Joyce looked radiant; David looked uncomfortable, and fidgety, as if he didn't quite know where he fit in. How could he? It will probably take the rest of his life to answer that question. This is a man, after all, who had to learn how to bank in his mid-forties. Who hardly saw a sunset for twenty years. Who went from being Prisoner #289699 to being famous. ” (A Canadian Tragedy) Back

  14. Rhyme scheme • Stark (A) • Dark (A) • Sinister (B) • Ministers (B) • Things (C) • Bring (C) Back

  15. High school is dead and stark • David was sixteen, the age most of us are. When he should be in school, he is rotting in jail. And when the world around him is telling him he killed and raped Miss Miller, and he knows he didn’t. He must have felt that maybe he was the one lying. back

  16. Morning brings • David Milgaard barely saw the world around him. But his mother continued to fight. There must have been a few times that she questioned what she was doing. But she fought for the day her son would be free. Back

  17. Wheat Kings • The chorus of wheat kings is- Wheat Kings and pretty things,Thats what the morning brings- It repeats its self Back

  18. living in the past • David Milgaard’s story did not end when he was released from jail. There was the fact that Larry Fisher had to be caught and David suffered a lot of anguish and pain over the fact he cant forget what happened. For 23 years he was known as a killer. Back

  19. Zippo Lighter • When his “friends” told cops that he had come home covered in blood. They also said he had stolen a lighter. Back

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