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Layout Tools. Prepared by Dr. Dale Carpentier Monroe Area High School. Modified by Georgia Agriculture Education Curriculum Office June 2007. Layout Tools and Procedures. OBJECTIVES:

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layout tools

Layout Tools

Prepared by

Dr. Dale Carpentier

Monroe Area High School

Modified by Georgia Agriculture Education Curriculum Office

June 2007

layout tools and procedures

Layout Tools and Procedures


As a result of this lesson, students will be able to accomplish the following objectives with 70% accuracy.

1. Identify and select appropriate tools for layout procedures in woodworking.

2. Use layout tools correctly and accurately when given a woodworking problem.

3. Read measurements within a 1/16".

4. Make a pattern using layout tools.

Essential Question: What are the common layout tools used in the Agriculture Mechanics lab?

steel rule
Steel Rule
  • Made from steel or aluminum.
  • 12 to 36 inches long.
  • Used for
    • Measuring
    • Divisions
    • Bi-secting and Tri-secting
tape measures
Tape Measures
  • Used for
    • Measuring
    • Divisions
try square
Try Square
  • Three purposes
    • Layout lines across grain of wood.
    • Test edge or end for squareness.
    • Test work for uniform width or thickness.

This is not a hammer!

framing or carpenter square
Framing or Carpenter Square
  • Uses
    • Measuring.
    • Divisions.
    • Tables.
    • Layout lines.
    • Testing for squareness.
    • Laying out rafters and stair steps.
combination square
Combination Square
  • Used for
    • Measuring
    • Measuring and marking 90 and 45 degree angles.
    • Marking gage.
    • Level.
speed square
Speed Square
  • Layout lines across grain of wood.
  • Measuring
  • Laying out rafter angles.
  • Laying out angles.
dry wall square
Dry Wall Square
  • Used to cut sheet rock or dry wall to size.
sliding t bevel square
Sliding T-Bevel Square
  • Main Use
    • Transferring angles to radial arm saw, compound miter saw, other tools, or from one board to another.
folding rule or zig zag rule
Folding Rule or Zig Zag Rule
  • Use for
    • Measuring
    • Can be used to measure spans over head.
    • Not the most accurate tool.
  • Use to insure straightness.
  • Can be used to check for vertical.
  • Can be used as a straight edge.
chalk line
Chalk Line
  • Used to mark temporary lines on walls, ceilings, or boards.
scratch awl
Scratch Awl
  • Use for marking wood or metal.
checking for square
3 – 4 – 5 Triangle

Measure 3 feet on one side and 4 feet on the other side. The hypotenuse should be 5 feet. If not, move the two sides until it is.

Forms a 30, 60, 90 right triangle.

Can use multiples, such as 6-8-10.

Measure the diagonals

If the two sides are equal and the two ends are equal, the diagonal measurements should be equal. If not, push the corners in or out until they are equal.

Checking for Square