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Welcome. ----Dai Tou Middle School. Fill in the blanks with the words or phrases in correct forms. extraordinary, invade ,outweigh, available , vary , severe , morality, overthrow, punctuality, numerous , look up to, as regards, deny , annoy,foundation.

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----Dai Tou Middle School


Fill in the blanks with the words or phrases in correct forms.

extraordinary, invade ,outweigh, available , vary , severe , morality, overthrow, punctuality, numerous , look up to, as regards, deny ,annoy,foundation

1.Where the British people come from is an _____________ interesting question . 2.Some parents are ________ over times of coming home at night or punctuality for meals. 3.The race survived until the ________ of the Roman Empire by the “barbarians”-- the Germanic tribes. 4.__________ the development of moral standards in the growing child, consistency is very important in parental teaching. 5.All these races _________ Britain at various time from Europe. 6.A famous athlete should be a positive model for people to ___________. 7. The British people sometimes _____ continental nations by failing to support them.




As regards


look up to



no one ; none; nothing

_______ knows anything when he or she is born.

_______ can stop us marching forward.

Don’t be so proud. You are_______.

I had three cats once---________of them is/are alive now.

----Is there any sugar? ----no, there is______

----How much petrol is there in the bus? ----______.

----Who are you speaking to ? -----_______.

-----What is he doing there? ---_________.

No one






No one


no one ;nobody单独使用,只用于指人. None 指人或物(可指代前后文中的复数名词,不可数名词或代词,强调数的概念) Nothing 表示什么也没有


22.He thought there would be many people at the show, but when he arrived he found _________. one B. nobody C.nothing D.none

1.      ----Is there anyone who is going to the Great Wall.


A. None B. No one C. No D. Not any

2.I wanted some paper but there was ____in the house.

A. nothing B. none C. no one D. not one


3.Of all the movies Hephburn made, _____is more memorable than “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

A. few B. little C. no one D. none

4.I had no idea which was better so I took ____ of them.

A. all B. every C. none D. both

5.When I returned to get my share of apples, I found _____ left.

A. no one B. nothing C. neither D. none


While, when 用法之难点击破:

24.----The vase cost me almost 100 yuan.

-----Well it was crazy of you to spend so much money _____ you could buy a much cheaper one.

A.While B. if C. because D. when

I like music while my brother is fond of painting . How can they learn anything when they spend all their spare time watching TV

.When: since ;considering that

The monkey was feeling a bit frightened when suddenly the crocodile dived into the sea.

I was walking in the street when I caught sight of a tailor’s shop.

When: at or during the time that





Tom save money while Jack spends every penny he earns.

I drink black coffee while he prefers it with cream

While: 用以表示对比或相反的情况

While I admit that the problem is difficult, I don’t think that they can’t be solved. 尽管我生她的气,但我没有发脾气. 尽管父母强烈反对,她还是和那年轻人结了婚.


We’ll keep our promise while he keeps his.

while: as long as


1.We were swimming in the lake ______ suddenly the storm started.

A.when B. while C. until D. before

2.I remember ______ this used to be a quiet village.

A. when B. how C. where D. what

3.We are living in an age _____ many things are done on computers.

A. that B. which C. whose D. when 4.Don’t be afraid of asking for help ______ it is needed. A. unless B. since C. although D. when


5_______ I accept that he is not perfect. I do actually like the person.

A. While B. Since C. Before D. Unless

 6.Why did you write in pencil ___ you know you should write in ink?

A. while B. when C. as D. although

7.I do every single bit of housework____ my husband bob just does the dishes now and then.

A. since B. while C. when


As if 引导状语从句的省略形式:

He acts as if a fool. The old woman set upon the thief as if mad. The man broke into the room as if in search of some important information. He opened his mouth as if to speak. The boy looked about as if searching for something lost. The football player is rolling on the ground as if hurt badly in the leg.

as if引导方式状语从句时可用省略形式,后面接名词、形容词、副词和介词短语,也可跟分词或不定式。

30.The actor threw himself from the horse, as if ___________. be shot B.being shot C.shooting D.shot



1.British men are abandoning their hard upper lips but still do not wear their hearts on their sleeves like Americans, a new survey showed.

2. When it comes toraw emotion, the once buttoned-up Brits are now happy to shed tears quiet openly. in their twenties or thirties are interactingwith women on equal terms much more so than a generation ago.

4.What we take as usual British reserve has been significantly worn away.”

5.Reflecting on the survey’s finding,Ron Bracey agreed.

5. That might be self-indulgent but the Americans want to know what makes them behave in the way they do.


Enjoy the sentence:

Long gone is the “No-Tears--We’re British”erawhen emotion was considered distinctly bad form.

Chinese people don’t use the foreign oil any longer.

Gone is the time when Chinese people used the foreign oil.


We don’t live in the countryside any longer.

Gone are the days when we lived in the countryside.


The friends from South American were present at the meeting.

Present at the meeting were the friends from South American.


Albert Einstein was such, a simple and great man.

Such was Albert Einstein, a simple and great man.



Filling the following blanks:

come to; interact with; wear away; reflect on; display;significantly;

Reflecting on

1._______________ what you offered,I decided to go with you.

2.The steps ______________________ by the feet of thousands of visitors.

3.A good role model should ___________ the values---like honesty and determination.

4.Things have ____________such a state in the company that he ‘s thinking of resigning.

5.A sociologist study the different ways in which people ____________each other.

6.Few people realized the ____________ of the discovery.

have been worn away


come to

interact with



Fast-reading:New words 1.abandon (Para.1) 2.emotion (.2) 3.poll ( .6) 4.significantly(.11) 5.interact (.8 ) 6.transfer ( .8 ) 7.display (.10) 8.distinctly (.5 ) 9.self-indulgent (.14)

A.allow oneself to do what one enjoy B.act together C.survey of pubic opinion signs of having a quality or emotion E.greatly F.change or move to another place G.strong feeling of any kind H .clearly I.give up or go away from