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Welcome. Purpose of meeting with you Presentation of the City of Winnipeg 2013 Operating and Capital Budgets. Provide information on the budget’s impact on residents, locally and City wide. Councillor Orlikow’s initial assessment of proposed Budgets.

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Purpose of meeting with you

  • Presentation of the City of Winnipeg 2013 Operating and Capital Budgets.

  • Provide information on the budget’s impact on residents, locally and City wide.

  • Councillor Orlikow’s initial assessment of proposed Budgets.

  • To obtain feedback and direction from residents and other stakeholders.

Outline of presentation
Outline of Presentation

  • Presentation of draft budgets.

  • Councillor Orlikow assessment.

  • Q & A at the end of Councillor Orlikow’s presentation.

  • Exit documents available at back of room.

  • Please respect everyone’s time by asking questions regarding the budgets only. Councillor Orlikow will remain afterwards to discuss any other issues with you.

Budget process

  • 3 Year View

  • Combined tabling of budgets

  • No City wide public consultation

  • Representations to Standing Committees

  • Special Ward Budget Town Hall

  • Council debate and adoption

2013 highlights
2013 Highlights

  • 3.87% increase in property tax (1% increase to fix old roads and 2.87% increase to pay for services)

  • Increase in City expenditures $28.7M (3% increase)

  • Police and Fire Paramedic increasing service costs

  • Enhanced DED program to protect Elm Trees

  • $722,00 (EPC)* and $600,000 (Ward) increases.

  • Reduction to some grants, tree root claims program and non refundable appeals fees.

    * One time reduction of $142, 864

How to evaluate the information
How to Evaluate the Information

How much do I pay?


The value you are getting related to services that matter to you and your family.

Ward Priorities*

  • Fixing Older Infrastructure

  • Effective Traffic Management

  • Ensuring Appropriate Development

  • Availability of Neighbourhood recreation opportunities

  • Others includes arts funding, preserving tree canopy and others

    * Ward’s 20 Neighbourhood Priorities may differ

Budget questions
Budget Questions

What value is received?

How well is the budget managed?

How well does it address Ward priorities?

Does it move Winnipeg forward?

How much is your family paying
How much is your family paying?

Based on a typical family living in a $300,000 home in the Ward

  • Other increases include recreation fees, permit fees, traffic tickets, ambulance fee increases, other

2013 ward highlights
2013 Ward Highlights

  • 2 instead of 1 street renewed in the Ward

  • Some additional back lane and sidewalks

  • Additional one-time funding for Community Centres

  • Rehabilitation of Corydon Ave and McGillivray EB

  • Enhanced Dutch Elm Disease prevention program

  • Muys Park trail upgrade

  • Academy Road BIZ street enhancement added to list

  • Design and Consultation for Waverley Underpass

  • Opening of South End Recycling Facility

  • Partial Funds allocated to re-location of River Heights Library

  • Design funds allocated to Second leg of Rapid Transit

City highlights
City Highlights

  • Addition of one new ambulance and 12 new paramedic staff

  • Addition of 10 Fire Paramedic communication/dispatch staff

  • Continuing grants and accelerating capital funding to Assiniboine Park Conservancy

  • Establishing Policy Development and Communications office

  • Increase in Councillors’ Representation Allowance

  • Adding $2 Million to Capital programs

  • Not filling City jobs worth $13.6 million

  • Maintaining small business tax credit program

  • Elimination of tree root claims programs

  • Assessment appeal fees no longer refundable

  • Establishing Local Street Renewal Reserve through 1% dedicated property taxes and debt financing and adding $14 Million to street renewal budget


  • The budget takes a very small steps however does not address long term issues.

  • Public Safety cost (additional funding of $22m to Police & $8.9M to Fire Paramedic Services) continue to escalate.

  • The City has sold a majority of marketable land.

  • The City continues to use up reserves and unsustainable funding to balance the Operating budget.

  • No public consultation.


There are a number of pending issues that the budget does not address as represented by:

  • $73 M projected 2014 debt and $92 M projected 2015 debt.

  • Reserves running low.

  • Increasing City Debt is to point that it has reached debt strategy ceiling when RT is counted for.

  • Pension liabilities are a concern.

  • Residential taxes have increased over $500 in last three years.


  • What is your view regarding increases to EPC’s and Councillor office budgets?

  • What do you think of the budgets?

  • What is your view about the 10% reduction in some Community grants?

  • Do you have any ideas that could improve how the City delivers services?

  • Do you support the 3.87% property tax increase? If not, is there a property tax level you would support?

  • Are there any services that you wish the City would delivered, or recommend the City stop delivering?

Thank you
Thank You

  • Fill in a comment card located in the back of the room

  • Ask questions

  • Call or e-mail your comments or questions