my facility has decided to outsource its transcription n.
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My facility has decided to outsource its transcription … PowerPoint Presentation
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My facility has decided to outsource its transcription …

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My facility has decided to outsource its transcription … - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My facility has decided to outsource its transcription …
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  1. My facility has decided to outsource its transcription … ... what is next for me as a healthcare documentation specialist (HDS)? Presented by Lynda Schneidewent, Mary Schmidt, Diane Wagner, Jodie Carrico, Julie Braun – September 2014


  3. Allow time to process the news • Denial • Anger • Bargaining • Depression • Acceptance

  4. Change, change, change: Poised for success • Acknowledge the change • Take time to adjust • Approach change as a learning process • Read everything • Get organized

  5. Inventory my current skill set • Brush up on spelling, grammar and punctuation • Inventory basic computer skills and technological savvy • Assess research skills • Dust off those medical terminology, pharmacology and anatomy books • Hone editing skills • Commit to good time management/goal setting

  6. *** ATTITUDE *** Let’s Do This TOGETHER!!

  7. As the recruiter … … I’m here to coach you from initial “welcome” phone call through scheduled phone time together to final job offer details to ensure a successful start to a long career together! Formal orientation process Introductions Buddy system Mentors Team Luncheon Welcome notes Spotlight Get personal

  8. But I have never worked for an MTSO! • How will I be compensated? How often will I get paid? • Do they deduct pay for errors? • What equipment is necessary, where will I obtain it and what software do I need? • Just how "techie" do I need to be and what happens if I have technical problems? • What experience is required?  • How flexible can I be with scheduling my work time?  • I currently work in a hospital/clinic setting as an hourly employee.  How does the MTSO pay me for work volume fluctuations?

  9. What will the MTSO expect of me? • Productivity success • Ability to work out of my home, autonomously, and free of distractions • Eagerness to cross train and seek out new challenges  • Employee status versus independent contracting   • Career-mindedness; industry current  • Passion for lifelong learning • Quality oriented with proven high quality   • Embrace technology   • Supportive family and friends • Poised to utilize speech understanding technology up to 90% of the day

  10. Resources * Communication Resources & Tools Provided Communication is Key! • E-Mail • Instant Messaging • Central reference document location • 24/7 access to HR benefits, forms, requests • 24/7 Help Desk • 24/7 Peer access Corporate Wide • Company newsletter • Monthly Health Briefs Transcription Division • Daily mentoring topics • Time management • Multi-tasking family and career • New medical terms • Editing tips & quality/style tidbits • Daily e-mail from team leader • Regularly scheduled paid in-services • Productivity efficiencies • Speech editing • Transcription platform tips • Email communication

  11. Reward * Recognition * Celebration Corporate Wide Transcription Division • Longevity rewards for 5-, 10-, and 15-year work anniversaries • Employee of the Month Program • Monthly Birthday Recognition and Monthly Work Anniversary Recognition • New Employee Bios in company e-newsletter • "Shout-Outs" to celebrate project leader successes in company e-newsletter • Referral Bonus Program • All promotions come from within! • Employee "FUN-Ti-Tude" Virtual Activities (Combining Fun with Gratitude) • Halloween Costume Contests • Holiday Coloring Card Contests • Tacky Tie Tuesdays • Secret Holiday Ornament Exchange • Ab Challenges/Walking Clubs • Community Service Events • Virtual Food Drives • Monthly Rising Stars For Quality Recognition • National MT Week Festivities & Gifts

  12. Consider the Perks!!!! • Location:  Work from home • Quality: A way of life! • Benefits: Full menu includes health, dental, life, vision, 401k, PTO • Leadership: All HIM and HDS professionals • Platform: Leading edge productivity technology • Support: Ace technical team • Growth: Career Progression Program • Fun: Plenty of work gets done but fun makes a regular appearance • We'd love to include you!

  13. As the trainer… … I’m here to coach you from initial “welcome” phone call through training day and beyond to ensure a successful start to a long career together!

  14. How will training work? • How long is training? Will there be a break? Do I have to travel somewhere? • Are there multiple trainees with me? • What can I expect before training? • What can I expect during training? • What can I expect after training?

  15. Believe in yourself! • Get emotionally ready • Create an action plan to accept change • Don’t expect it all to fall into place overnight • Build on your current strengths • Embrace new technology • Seek out MT refresher training (editing) • Get to know your keyboard commands • Set proficiency goals • Maximize your computer and internet service provider (ISP) resources • Set up ergonomic friendly home office • Focus on high quality • AHDI Book of Style • Speech Recognition “new” style guidelines • Benchmark KB • Set quality goals • Build your new knowledge base • Review, review, review • Organize


  17. As your supervisor… … I’m here to coach you from initial “welcome” phone call through your first days on your new team to ensure a successful start to our long HDS career together!

  18. What will I miss working from home? • The “water cooler” • Some recognition • Happy hours/ Parties/Donuts • Being interrupted every 2 minutes • Filing, pulling charts, answering phones, looking up data in the EHR • Office gossip

  19. What will I gain working at home? • Optimal schedule – work when it works for me! • Less interruptions/quiet environment • Cost savings • No more commute/rush hour • No more dry-cleaning • Decreased car maintenance • Work-Life balance

  20. How can I stay connected and with whom?

  21. Tell me more about my account assignment?

  22. What can I do to ease the transition? Seek out and get to know … Ask questions • Immediate Supervisor • Support Team • Quality Team • Mentoring Team • Employee Handbook • Account Instructions • Policies and Procedures • Style guide • QA manual • Editing platform

  23. How can I step out of my comfort zone? • Participate in company activities • MT Week • New accounts / different work types / cross training • Extra work opportunities • Message Board • Volunteer • On-call or STAT coverage participation • Committees – peer mentoring, MT Week activities, AHDI local chapter positions or board positions • Become certified • Certified Healthcare Documentation Specialist (CHDS) • Registered Healthcare Documentation Specialist (RHDS)

  24. Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. ~ JFK