who s who in the english rev n.
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Who’s Who in the English Rev.? PowerPoint Presentation
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Who’s Who in the English Rev.?

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Who’s Who in the English Rev.? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Who’s Who in the English Rev.?. The English Revolution was dominated by two themes Abuse of Power Religion Which religious groups? Anglicans, Catholics and… Puritains What are Puritains ? Strict Protestants. Henry VIII formed a new religion (Born Catholic) Anglican

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The English Revolution was dominated by two themes

  • Abuse of Power
  • Religion
  • Which religious groups?
  • Anglicans, Catholics and…
  • Puritains
  • What are Puritains?
  • Strict Protestants

Henry VIII formed a new religion

(Born Catholic) Anglican

What did Puritans think about Anglicanism and the Anglican monarchs?

Puritans considered Anglicans to be too Catholic!!

They wanted to “purify” their religion of all things Catholic




“Great Britain”

Original Union (1606)

Ireland’s flag of St. Patrick

Current United Kingdom flag


James I of England and James IV of Scotland


Bad w/$

“Wisest Fool in Christendom” Henry IV of France

Strict Anglican

Fought against the Puritans in Parliament

Son of Mary, Queen of Scots


Charles I


“Lost his head” (literally)

Son of James I

Strict Anglican

Married to French Catholic

Imprisoned his political enemies

Used Royal Court “Court of the Star Chamber” to punish them.

HOW?(arrest them without charge, hold them indefinitely, etc.)

Dissolved Parliament for 11 years

Charles I and Henrietta of France


English Civil War


Charles I vs.

Supporters “Royalists”




Charles had two Sons

Charles and James

Charles and James were both Anglican.

In 1649, Charles lost the war and got his head chopped off.

The boys then moved to France with mom!

Oliver Cromwell

Supporters “Roundheads”

or “Cavaliers”


Non-Anglican Protestants

(mainly Presbyterians)

Oliver had a son,


ollie cromwell
Ollie Cromwell
  • First ruler of England NOT to be royal!
  • He took the title “Lord Protector” NOT King!
  • This time period in English history is known as the “Commonwealth”
  • Hero or Villain???
  • Some good things he did

1. He tried twice to write a constitution

          • The first constitution in Europe

The Instrument of Government – 1653

2. The constitution gave landowners the right to elect members of parliament

3. He maintained a disciplined army

4. He collected lots of tax money

some not so great things he did
Some not so great things he did…
  • He dismissed parliament almost as much as Charles I
  • He was brutal in crushing the Irish (he hated Catholics)
  • He got a really big head and thought of himself as ruling by “divine right.”
what happened when he died
What happened when he died?
  • He left plans for his son, Richard, to become Lord Protector,
    • But, Richard was a farmer and was never supported so he lasted two years.

“Faarrrmlivin’ is the life for me…”

Actual photo of Richard with his favorite pig,

Sir Oinks-a-lot


The Restoration

Charles’ son, Charles invited back from France.

Becomes Charles II, King of England

He was Anglican, but knew better.

Has NO children (that’s going to be a problem)

People like him!

He’s merry!

Charles II “the merry monarch” (1660- 1685)


James II


BROTHER of Charles II

He converted to Catholicism while living in France

Two daughters (Mary and Anne) from his first marriage

Mary and Anne were raised Protestant

People don’t like James.

They argue about it (Whigs vs. Tories),

But, everything explodes when he has a son and decides to raise him CATHOLIC!


Glorious Revolution tomorrow

Study your notes so far.

Quiz tomorrow

Test Friday