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IMPERIALISM & WWI - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Our 1 st Unit…. IMPERIALISM & WWI. LEARNING TARGETS:. What is Imperialism? Where did Europeans Imperialize? How does the US begin imperialism? How does the US shift into a world power?. INTERACTIVE PPT. Needed Today: Happy ppt lady – needs some enthusiasm Jimmy - intimidation

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Imperialism wwi

Our 1st Unit…


Learning targets

  • What is Imperialism?

  • Where did Europeans Imperialize?

  • How does the US begin imperialism?

  • How does the US shift into a world power?

Interactive ppt

Needed Today:

  • Happy ppt lady – needs some enthusiasm

  • Jimmy - intimidation

  • Carl - intimidation

  • Jonas (not one of the singing sensations)– nervousness

  • Awkward Quote

  • Uncle Sam

  • Wayne

  • Dougie Downer

  • William Randolph Hearst – southern accent?


Oh my Gosh!

I am SO flippin’ excited!

Thank You Dunkford,

Thank You!

I knew it’d be a great day!

I love US History!

Happy PPT lady


Here’s what happened….

We’ll give you some options…

Think about how you would handle this situation…

Would you
Would you…

  • Turn away & leave because the fight does not concern you

    2. Convince a couple of friends to help you separate the 2 students before they hurt one another

    3. Get into the fight on your friend’s side and punch out the former friend who owes you $ because he deserves it

    4. Punch out both students to show the rest of the school who’s the toughest dude/chick at PR.

Look at the you chose if you were a country here s how you would act
Look at the # you chose…If you were a country, Here’s how you would act…

1 2 3 4

The US in 1800s

The US in 1905

IMPERIALISM:“Conquering other countries to build an EMPIRE”aka: The strong taking over the weak. (bullying)

I am so afraid for my life right now…

darn those bullies! If only I weren’t so “Inferior”!

Get him Jimmy! He looks scared!

If you are sensitive to violent pictures, you may want to look away now.

The content of this picture is graphic and full of pure unbridled violence

“With Pleasure!

You deserve this you weak piece of junk! Warning: I punch hard!”




European imperialism

Since late 1800s

England owns ¼ of land & people in the world by 1900!

“The sun never sets on the British Empire.”

European Imperialism

Africa main target
Africa = main target

  • GB, FR, BEL, IT, GER, PORT, & SP

  • Euros wanted raw materials & shoppers

  • Distributed Africa among themselves.

    “They were civilizing Them”

Isolation to imperialism

How the US goes from …

American imperialism
American Imperialism

We want some land too!

Africa’s already taken…

Where are some other “weak” people?!?

3 reasons we give to imperialize
3 Reasons we give to Imperialize:

1. “We want to be alone over here!”

(Only power in the Western Hemisphere)

2. Make more products & get more shoppers

  • Survival of the Fittest/Social Darwinism

    We as the “superior” people (white) had to help the “inferior” people (minorities) from themselves

    EX: Africans, Filippino, South Americans…

Our 1 st imperialistic gain

Our 1st Imperialistic Gain…

US would make TONS of $$ off of sugar.

Awkward quote:

“The Hawaiian pear is now fully ripe, and this is the golden hour to pick it”

After hawaii we want more

After HAWAII…We Want More!

Spanish american war

Spanish- American War


Us tries to free cuba from spain 9 weeks
US tries to free Cuba from Spain – 9 weeks

We need to stop Spain! They’re putting Cubans in Concentration Camps! Let’s make the world safe for Democracy! FREE CUBA!”

But we really mean…

“We want control of Cuba!

We want them to ‘owe us’!

Get the Europeans out of here! (Western Hemisphere)”


But americans still debate imperialism
BUT, Americans still debate IMPERIALISM…

FOR Imperialism… (let’s fight in the war)

“We get $$,

they get a civilization AND we’re promoting democracy!”

Against Imperialism… (no fight in war)

“We’re doing what the British did!”


Dougie Downer

Yellow journalism

YELLOW JOURNALISM imperialist?...

Faking or exaggerating pictures and stories to get people to support your cause and read your newspaper

Americans fell for it

Spanish burying Cuban Children! war”

Americans MUST help!

Americans fell for it!

Would you?!?

Results of the splendid little war
Results of the “Splendid Little War” war”

  • Most Americans now Imperialist!

    2. Cuba is “independent”

    but US gets a military base

    3. US gets Puerto Rico, Guam, Philippines

    Our “stepping stones” to a Pacific Empire!

US now a “School” for civilization

RECAP… war”

This is how we shift into a


In a couple of years

the US gets:







Note card 1 5
NOTE CARD 1-5 war”

1. What animal is the US like at the beginning of the 1900s?

  • What war was a “Splendid Little War” & how long did it last?

  • Who is William Randolph Hurst?

    4. Name 3 territories the US owns by 1910.

    5. Which continent is broken up? Name 2 countries that claim it.