a cell is a cell but how can you tell n.
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A cell is a cell but how can you tell? PowerPoint Presentation
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A cell is a cell but how can you tell?

A cell is a cell but how can you tell?

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A cell is a cell but how can you tell?

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  1. A cell is a cell but how can you tell?

  2. Robert Hooke-1665 • Examined many living and non-living things under the microscope. • Living things seem to be made of “compartments” • He called these compartments, cells Cork is the outer bark of an evergreen oak

  3. Cells • Are made up by organelles or parts that have specific jobs.

  4. More info on size of cells the Ostrich egg is the largest cell on Earth It is about the size of a football mycoplasma bacterium is the smallest cell in the world. It is only ten micrometers

  5. Cell Membrane • the thin layer of protein and fat that surrounds the cell. Jello Model: Plastic ziploc bag

  6. Cytoplasm • the jellylike material outside the cell nucleus in which the organelles are located. Jello Model: gelatin

  7. Golgi Body • a flattened, layered, sac-like organelle that looks like a stack of pancakes • packages proteins and carbohydrates into vesicles for "export" from the cell. Jello Model: Folded hard ribbon candy

  8. Lysosomes • round organelles surrounded by a membrane and containing digestive enzymes. • digestion of cell nutrients takes place here Jello Model” M & M Candy

  9. Mitochondria • spherical to rod-shaped organelles *the inner membrane is infolded many times • Gives energy to the cell Jello Model: raisins

  10. Nucleus • spherical body containing many organelles • controls many of the functions of the cell and contains DNA (in chromosomes). Jello Model: A plum

  11. Ribosomes • small organelles where proteins are made. Jello Model: Candy sprinkles

  12. Endoplasmic ReticulumIt functions as a packaging system. It creates a network of membranes found through the whole cell • Smooth It acts as a storage organelle. For example: It is important in the creation and storage of steroids. Jello Model: Gummy worms • Rough They are very important in the synthesis and packaging of proteins. Some of those proteins might be used in the cell and some are sent out. Jello Model: Sour gummy worms-rough

  13. Endoplasmic Reticulum

  14. Vacuoles • Vacuoles are essentially enclosed compartments which are filled with water containing important stuff for the cell dissolved in it

  15. What do plant cells have that animal cells do not?” • Cell Wall • Chloroplasts

  16. Plant Cells

  17. A rigid structure that protects the plant Provides structure and shape Cell Wall-only in plants

  18. Chloroplasts • Capture sun light and chemically change it to sugar. • Chloroplasts are the food producers of the cell.

  19. Organelles of a Animal CellCell membraneNucleusRibosomesCytoplasmMitochondriaEndoplasmic ReticulumGolgi Apparatus or bodiesVacuoleCytoplasmLysosome

  20. Organelles of a Plant CellCell WallCell membraneNucleusRibosomesChloroplastCytoplasmMitochondriaEndoplasmic ReticulumGolgi Apparatus or bodiesVacuoleCytoplasm