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What God Can Do In Your Life! PowerPoint Presentation
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What God Can Do In Your Life!

What God Can Do In Your Life!

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What God Can Do In Your Life!

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  1. What God Can Do In Your Life!

  2. How Secure Is A Life? It is temporary; Handle it with prayer Forwhat is your life?It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away. James 4:14

  3. Finding the will of God and doing it in a timely fashion. Success In Life:

  4. Gay: Saved at 9 years of age in her Grandfather’s church (Rev. Henry E. Chance) under the preaching of Wendell Zimmerman. Graduated Baptist Bible College 1959, majoring in Missions.

  5. Bob: Saved at High St. Baptist Church Graduated Southwest Missouri State University 1963 Graduated Baptist Bible College 1965 Doctor of Divinity 1983 Masters of Divinity 1991 Pastored 3 decades in Alabama, Georgia and Texas

  6. “Roots” Bobis the son of missionary parents, L.D and Mava Lee Woosley Dad 1952-1990 Mom 1952 – Had all his High School years in the Philippines.

  7. Lifetime Ministry Bethany Baptist Church - 1954 Bethany Baptist Bible College Bethany Christian Academy L.D. Woosley’s passing - bought property, - added souls, - built buildings. 27 Mission churches Many Granddaughter churches

  8. Bob and Gay Woosley • Over 36 years in Gospel ministry • Now going in a New direction With • New challenge • New excitement

  9. Legacy • Steel and Concrete • Maturity • City ministry • Urgency to reach a Nation • Then a region of the world

  10. Hundreds of churches planted by missionaries 500+ Christian Schools in the Islands Need for a Christian degree Granting College

  11. L. D. Woosley Bethany Colleges -Launched 1999 Leaders Building Students A dream envisioned for decades is being realized.

  12. Harvest Time is Here • 50 years of planting and watering are yielding a mighty harvest • 1700+ churches • Filipino missionaries going to Asia and the world

  13. Harvest Time is Here • Bible Colleges with three year programs. • High School graduates need advanced Christian training. • Missionaries are surrendering to go to other nations.

  14. Harvest Time is Here • You can plant alone • You can plow alone • But when God gives a glorious harvest • You will need help in the HARVEST!

  15. “How can we prepare ourselves to lead in the new millennium?” “How can we prepare our missionaries to enter other countries?” LDWBC is attempting to answer those questions. Filipinos are asking:

  16. Meanwhile, “back at the ranch,”

  17. What happens when a pastor gets ....

  18. CANCER?

  19. He prays ... a lot!

  20. I called for the church to pray • Not for healing, • But for God’s will • Wisdom • Grace • Direction • Purpose

  21. When God gave my life back I asked a big question:

  22. “Lord, what do you want of therest of my new life?”

  23. Have you ever faced that question?

  24. Ask Yourself: • Why am I here? • What am I doing? • Does God have a greater purpose for me? • Am I willing to do what God asks? • If not, why not? • If so, why wait?

  25. “Lord, I want to do something worthwhile with the rest of my life.” Lord, let me be a volcano of commitment to YOU!

  26. September 1, 1999 • Dedication Day: L. D. Woosley Bethany Colleges • The Director of the “Commission on Higher Education” delivered degree granting authority

  27. Enlarged Vision • LDWBC is a recognized degree granting institution. God has a special mission for LDWBC

  28. Already over 58 Filipinos are in or preparing to go to other Nations with the Gospel They need maximum training They need recognized degrees to gain respect in other nations. Asian Baptist Center for World Missions

  29. That’s where we fit in!

  30. The pastor and administrative staff of LDWBC have askedBob and Gay Woosley to come help with this massive new effort.

  31. We will be installing a school of missions with the goal of a graduate program to equip Filipino Missionaries to Evangelize Asia.

  32. We are prepared • Both Missions Majors at BBC • Strong missions emphasis in ministry • Many missions trips • Lifetime of missions involvement • Academic preparation • Now comes the vital ingredient:

  33. The release of the Lord to do what we have always wanted to do.

  34. Our Plan:

  35. Baptist Bible Fellowship International Our lifetime family of friends Commissioned by North Park Baptist Church, Humble, Texas

  36. BBFI Missionary Approval – May 16, 2000Continuing work on Ph.D. while on deputation to raise personal support and funds to help the college.Target goal: In place by 2001

  37. Our Role: To help prepare Asians to be missionaries to Asia

  38. We want to be your missionaries • To help you fulfill the great commission • To help you realize the blessing of fruit to your account. • To help you train a new generation of Asians to ….

  39. Win Souls • Start Churches • Disciple new believers • Send out more missionaries

  40. May we partner together? May we partner together?

  41. Rev. & Mrs. Robert A. WoosleyBaptist Bible Fellowship International P.O. Box 191 Springfield, MO 65801 Phone 281-844-5724

  42. Asian Baptist CenterFor World MissionsL.D. Woosley Bethany Colleges Bethany Baptist Church 1710 Dian (Corner of Emilia) Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

  43. Thank you for your prayerful consideration