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AUdience Research for A2 Media Music Production by Farai Musamadya

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Audience ResearchR&B Male Artist

Nash – Still The Same

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Target Audience

  • The typical target audience for an R&B male artist depending on the age are females and males aged 16 and over.

  • This is because of the topics and themes of the song being sang as male R&B music features love topics, sex, heart break, life issues and sometimes good times such as clubbing etc.

  • Gender – Males & Females

  • Age – 16 – 25 year olds.

Specific audience l.jpg
Specific Audience


It caters to females in the aspects that a male artists is singing to them.

The songs is aimed at females in particular.

The audience would have to be females that listen to R&B music ;

especially male artists such as Neyo & Usher.

Target Audience

Themes involved:



The audiences have to be able

to understand or relate to that.


Males would listen to this if they were interested in R&B music.

They would have to be mature in understanding the pragmatics of

the song and relate to it. It is an emotional song and males are stereotyped

as not emotional.

Ideal audiences would be ages from 16 and above that have experienced love or romance and are familiar with the feelings

revealed in the song and able to understand.

It is a mature song and involves the theme of love.

Related artist l.jpg
Related Artist

  • The target audience for my song are people that may be interested in artists such as:

  • Chris Brown

  • Usher

  • Neyo

  • Mario

  • Omarion

Nash still feel the same l.jpg
Nash – Still Feel The Same


The song is based on a relationship between the artist and his girlfriend. It talks

about how he still loves her from when they first started dating even though they

are not together. He wants his girlfriend back and is reminding her of the times

that they shared together and wonders if she still feels the same.

Due to the content of the song the audience gas to be a mature because of the

theme of love and heartbreak due to relating to the artist.

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Facebook Research feedback

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By Farai Musamadya Candidate Number: 5500St Pauls Catholic College