i joined linkedin now what complimentary webinar n.
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The Business Connection PowerPoint Presentation
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The Business Connection

The Business Connection

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The Business Connection

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  1. I Joined Linkedin… Now What?   Complimentary Webinar Hosted by The Business Connection Presented by:  Bryan Daly Jeff Manz David Steinfeld

  2. Welcome • Notebook • Type in your questions • Q&A

  3. What is this all About? • Getting more business!!! • This series is not just about the tools • We are going to show you how to use them to get business • Having a bunch of connections by itself does you no good • How do you convert connections into business

  4. Curiosity, Persistence, & Patience

  5. Let’s see • Linkedin Basics refresher • Optimizing your profile • Growing your network

  6. Linkedin Training Classes A series of classes: • Profile • Search and Key Words • Groups • Applications, Connecting Postings

  7. Next Class Wed Dec 7th 8pm-9pm Eastern Triple Your Referrals & Jumpstart 2012 Learn how to turn Linkedin into a powerful “marketing system” - How to set your profile and system settings for optimal performance - Run incredibly powerful and laser targeted searches - How and where to find referral sources - How to combine your online with your offline - How to organize your new contacts with proven follow up systems - Add some great free tools to your tool bag Use this link to register today:

  8. Objective Today Learn How To: Build a great profile Make good connections Turn connections into contacts Turn contacts into business Learn essential skills that unlock doors. Resources for continued learning

  9. What is special about “The Business Connection”? • No Dues, Fees or Mandatory Meetings • Non-exclusive with over 4,000 members • Local and wide reaching  • Martin, Palm Beach, Broward and Dade  Counties   (online and offline) • Boston, New York, Atlanta, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville

  10. The Business Connection Linked Local Palm Beach, Palm Beach Business Connection, Broward Business Connection, Martin County Business Connection, Dade Business Connection, Latino Business Connection Tampa Business Connection, Orlando Business Connection, Jacksonville Business Connection, Atlanta Business Connection, Philadelphia Business Connection, New York Business Connection Linked Local Rhode Island , Linked To Boston, Treasure Coast Business Connection, Seattle Business Connection, San Francisco Business Connection ,Los Angeles Business Connection San Diego Business Connection, Houston Area Business Connection ,Dallas Business Connection Greater Chicago Business Connection, North Jersey Business Connection, Greater Las Vegas Business Connection

  11. What is special about “The Business Connection”? Online Meets Offline Webinars Feature Friday Business Conference Calls Coffee Meetups, Breakfasts, Socials, & Happy Hours Charity Events Open House & Red Carpets Synergy and Power Teams Lunch & Learns Hosted Website & Video Connections

  12. Feature Friday • Each “live” caller gets a 30 second commercial • Hundreds of downloads and playback listeners each week • Learn new tips and ideas about using word of mouth marketing to build a strong referral business. • 7:30am-8am, each Friday morning • Each week we feature a new person/business- chosen from those that were on the webinar/call the week before. Live call in “Number” (424) 203-8000 720477 access code

  13. Meet Your Instructors Bryan Daly Jeffrey Manz David Steinfeld




  17. Why You Can No Longer Afford to Ignore Linkedin     ALL Fortune 500 Companies are registered on Linkedin! Linkedin Highest Average Household Income over all other Social Networking  sites at over $109,000 per member! There are fewer distractions   On Linkedin, you’ll find high-caliber individuals with a  business mindset, focused on business networking for results!

  18. LinkedIn Edge • Connect with people you might not ever connect with any where else. • The main reason we are here- Business • “See” others in the network • Profile business history/resume no where else • Search for people that don’t have profiles any where else • Groups & Answers

  19. See The Contacts of Your Contacts • Know YOU?…Like YOU?…and Trust YOU? • Done Business with YOU? • That would recommend YOU? Networking Bob Joe Paul Sue

  20. From Nov 29th-Nov 30th   23,579 people!!!!

  21. Why are you using Linkedin?

  22. It’s not what you know….

  23. Time • How much time should I spend/invest? • Have a system • New habits • Hire someone

  24. Relationships Matter

  25. Building YOUR Brand

  26. The Big Picture

  27. Linkedin is a Tool For Business Networking

  28. Move to “Offline”

  29. Connect With Others

  30. Connect With Others

  31. Connect With Others

  32. Your Profile is a reflection of you How is your profile serving you?

  33. 100% Complete Profile • Photo- Professional Personal • Executive Summary • Education • Skill Set • 3 recommendations • 3 past

  34. Don’t

  35. Profile Connection Info Easy To Find = Easy To Connect

  36. Download a VCARD