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  2. Over 5,500 customers Over 150,000 users Over 1,500 partners Full suite of marketing,sales, and service Native Office experience Web services architecture Fast, flexible, & affordable Two Editions, one designed for Small Business, the other for Mid Market / Enterprise Customers Available in 23 languages* Microsoft CRM | At A Glance Microsoft CRMCustomer Growth Worldwide +100% +100% * Version 3.0 through mid-2006

  3. The CRM Market Today North America and EMEA are growingat 6.2% per year in 2005-2009; LATAM, Japan, and Asia/Pacific aregrowing at 9.3% per year. Mid-market and enterprise are big now Small Business is growing fast Source: Gartner Inc.

  4. What is CRM? How does it differ from simple “contact management”? • Customer-facing • Sales, service, and marketing activities • Process-focused • Workflow drives consistent execution • Team-oriented • Collaborate with others inside & outside of the organization

  5. What Do Businesses Need From a CRM System? • Strong user adoption • If your people won’t use it, it has no value • Great business fit • Consistent processes and real-time visibility • Fast, flexible, and affordable technology • Quick to deploy and easy to manage

  6. Works the WayYou Do Works the WayYour Business Does Works the WayTechnology Should More productivity In day-to-dayCRM tasks Better managementcontrol andvisibility Reduced loadon IT implementersand operations Common user experiencewith Office & Outlook Reduced click countsfor every task Complete capabilitiesin the office & on the road Powerful workflow drivesconsistent processes Automated alerts andexception handling Closed-loop trackingand reporting Simplified installationand maintenance Common configurationand customization tools Integrates easilyvia Web services Microsoft CRM | Reinventing CRM to Drive Success

  7. The Customer Management Pyramid Link what we know about customers, with the point at which we interact with them Microsoft Dynamics ® CRM Organizational strategy Customer detail, business analysis Data History Automation / Workflow Customer-related business processes Sales Service Marketing Support Avaya IP Office Customer contact management Routing Monitoring Scheduling Reporting Scripting Queuing Touch Point Centre (Customer Interaction Management) Web Touch points management Voice Out Voice In Email Web chat SMS

  8. Key Business Benefits • Provides a true all in one CRM Communications solution • All provided through one point of contact • Integration provided out of the box, no 3rd party software required IP Office Customer Management: IP COMMUNICATIONS • IP Office (406 – 412) • Compact Contact Center V5 • VoiceMail Pro 3.0 • AV-MSCRM Telephony Integration CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT • Microsoft Dynamics ® CRM 3.0 • Microsoft CRM Small Business Edition • Server • Users • Microsoft CRM Professional Edition • Server • Users

  9. Lead management Opportunity management Account & contact mngt Activity & task management Direct email Territory Management Set of reports Lead Routing Workflow Sales process management Product catalog Quotes, orders, invoices Functional view of IP Office Customer Management MS CRM Sales/Customer Service/Marketing • Case management • Service request • Searchable knowledgebase • Queuing • Account & contact management • Activity & task management • User & Business management • Set of reports • Customization tools & utilities • Workflow • Contract management • Routing • Product catalog • Calendaring • Craft direct-mail pieces • Launch Campaigns • Track Campaign results • Cost • Revenue • Pipeline mgmt IP Office & IP Office Applications • User management • MS CRM Integration • Call queue management • Multimedia: voice, email, web chat • Voice recording • Number recognition & presentation • Full featured PBX/IP PBX • LAN/WAN Networking • VPN Support • Call routing • Voice mail • Auto Attendance • Reporting & statistics

  10. MSCRM IP Office Server IP Office Customer Management:Implementation User Logon Status

  11. IP Office Customer Management:Inbound Screen Pop Microsoft CRM MSCRM IP Office Server Service Department Caller ID/ Account # SBE or Professional Editions Example: Incoming caller rings into an auto attendant/IVR, dial in their account number which is converted to a call data tag, providing a screen pop directly into the account screen on Microsoft CRM™. Determine which screen you want “popped” upon an inbound call

  12. IP Office Customer Management:Outbound dialing from account, contact, leads and phone activity screens • Built into Microsoft CRM: easy to use! Splash Screen

  13. New in MSCRM 3.0 • Resolve Multiple Matches • Answer Bar

  14. Customer Success Stories - Blood Diagnostics “The CRM solution has made a tremendous impact on the efficiency of our sales team. With our sales representatives typically making between 70 – 100 calls a day, even seconds saved on each call can affect our bottom line.” Toby Selix, CIO • Customer Business Challenge: • Network two remote locations with main headquarters office and dramatically reduce inter-company toll and long distance call expenses • Solution: • Acquired Avaya IP Office 406 with advanced applications • Voice Messaging with Auto Attendant, Phone Manager Pro, Avaya Microsoft CRM Integration Software • Customer Results/Benefits: • Dramatically reduced toll and long distance charges for inter-company calls • Seamlessly integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics ® CRM application resulting in improved customer service • Connected three locations on one system to provide customers with better service and more available agents Note: Can be found on the BP Portal: Marketing/Customer Showcase & Reference Program

  15. Customer Success Stories “Need quote” • Customer Business Challenge: • The company needed a robust call center and CRM solution that would allow them to track and report calls accurately • Solution: • Acquired Avaya IP Office 406 with advanced applications • VM Pro, Compact Business Center, Avaya Microsoft CRM Integration Software , MSCRM 3.0, Weston Technology AudioNet • Customer Results/Benefits: • Reduced turn around time for medical care for customers • Efficient tracking of business productivity including intelligent call routing • Achievement of strict Service level agreements via tracking and call recording via IP Office and Microsoft Dynamics ® CRM

  16. How do you start get started? • Partner with a Microsoft CRM reseller • Contact your CAM • Become CRM certified • Agree and sign the on-line Microsoft CRM Software Advisor Agreement: • On-Line Courses available/ Certification needed on the following: Microsoft CRM Application (3 courses) Microsoft CRM Installation & Configuration Microsoft CRM Customization • Partner needs a minimum of two individuals who have passed the following certification exams between them: • Certification exams – Vue or Prometric Testing

  17. Official Convergence Communication Providerfor the 2002 and 2006 FIFA World Cup™and FIFA Women’s World Cup 2003