what can nanotechnology do for poor women in developing countries
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What Can Nanotechnology Do for Poor Women in Developing Countries?

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What Can Nanotechnology Do for Poor Women in Developing Countries? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What Can Nanotechnology Do for Poor Women in Developing Countries?. Martine Rothblatt, Ph.D., J.D., M.B.A. Chairman & CEO, Unither Telemedicine Services Corp. Quick Answer. HELP Them, More Ably In Conjunction with Economic Growth And Social Solidarity Policies. Tantalizingly…

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what can nanotechnology do for poor women in developing countries

What Can Nanotechnology Do for Poor Women in Developing Countries?

Martine Rothblatt, Ph.D., J.D., M.B.A.

Chairman & CEO,

Unither Telemedicine Services Corp.

quick answer
Quick Answer
  • HELP Them,
  • More Ably In Conjunction with Economic Growth
  • And Social Solidarity Policies.
    • Tantalizingly…
  • If the HELP = f[MNT/(IT+BIO)], It Could Transform Society As Handsomely as MNT Promises to Transform Economy.
  • MNT is a theoretical subset of technology
    • Most closely related to mechanization & IT
  • The forms of technology that have helped the world’s poorest women are similar to MNT
    • Experts agree that agricultural, transportation, biomedical & information technology help women
  • Hence, it is reasonable to conclude that MNT is likely to help the world’s poorest women.
diagrammed what mnt can do for world s poor women
Diagrammed What MNT Can Do for World’s Poor Women

2=MNT, 9=Solidarity

Policies, 10=Economic

Growth Policies




6=MNT supported by

Solidarity & Economic

Growth policies; 4=MNT

Supported by Only

Solidarity Policies; 5=MNT Supported by Only Economic Growth Policies









Help to Poor Women: 7>3>8>16>4>5>2

today we unither telemed already monitor all orbiting heart rhythms
Today We (Unither Telemed) Already Monitor All Orbiting Heart Rhythms
  • MIR Cosmonauts and Astronauts
  • Selected by ESA
  • International Space Station Astronauts and Cosmonauts
  • Why Not Monitor All the World’s Heart Rhythms?
  • Why Not Telemedical Nanotechnology (TNT)?
the wireless heart monitor cardiopal wireless
The Wireless Heart MonitorCardioPAL Wireless

Wireless transfer of ECG abnormalities, both triggered and symptom-driven--from anywhere at anytime


tnt completes the picture
TNT Completes the Picture
  • Local medics cannot see as much of the picture as an Expert System
  • TNT cost-effectively leverages expertise worldwide
  • Even today, Unither Telemed leverages ECG expertise nationwide
unither telemed vision grow it vertically to telemedical nanotech tnt horizontally to the world

Extend reimbursed cardiac telemed services to consumers

Extend US and orbital telecardiology services to ROW

Extend telecardiology platform to TNT for all

10 Million people @ $10.00/mo for TNT (telemed nanotech services)

100 Million people @ $5.00/mo for TNT

1 Billion people @ $1.00/mo for TNT

6 Billion people @ $0.25/mo for TNT

Unither Telemed Vision: Grow It Vertically to Telemedical Nanotech (TNT) & Horizontally to the World
what defines tnt services
What Defines TNT Services?
  • Molecular Serum Assay Capability
    • Initially May Simply Measure Key Parameters
  • Tele-connected to Ultra-Level Biomedical Diagnostic and Treatment Decision-Making
    • Initially May Target Select Morbidities
  • Molecular Assembly of Bio Active Agents
    • Phase 1: May Simply Advise Re: Nutriceuticals
    • Phase 2: Empowered to Prescribe (Rx)
    • Phase 3: Capable of Dispensing Pharmaceuticals
    • Phase 4: Synthesize Unique Nano-scale Meds
    • Phase 5: Program/Deliver Unique Biobots
what assurance tnt will help poor women
What Assurance TNT Will Help Poor Women
  • Biotechnology and Information technology have track record of helping poorest women
    • Elimination of smallpox; polio progress
    • Family planning information; contraception
  • Nanotechnology Guidelines have focused on this from the beginning
why are there still horrible problems among women
Why Are There Still Horrible Problems Among Women?
  • Basic Human Needs Satisfaction = f(
    • Social Solidarity x
    • Economic Growth x
    • Technology Solutions)
  • Any One Factor Can Undermine Progress
  • Technology is a Necessary, But Not a Sufficient, Basis for Robust Development
mnt can provide abundance and this helps
MNT Can Provide Abundance, and this Helps
  • But Oppressed Women And Poor Are Even in Wealthy Countries
  • Technology Gains Can Be Decimated By Socio-Economic Fiats
  • Without “S” & “E”, “T” is No Talisman, Not Even MNT (socio-economic management bots, such as policing, are beyond this report)
doyal s gough s theory of human needs
Doyal’s & Gough’s Theory of Human Needs
  • Food & Water, then
  • Housing, then
  • Safe Work, then
  • Safe Environment &
  • Health Care.
  • Six Other Needs Follow in Priority.
drexler mulhall have shown that mnt can
Drexler & Mulhall Have Shown That MNT Can
  • Provide Abundant Food, Water & Housing at Low Recurring Costs w/Molecular Assembly Techniques
  • Clean & Secure Work & Living Environments via Nano-Surveillance & Nanobot Molecular Reclamation
for example water
For Example, Water

“Manufacture Water”

  • “Initially, water synthesis might occur by drawing vapor from the atmosphere….”
  • “as things progressed, we’d have the means to combine two hydrogen atoms from a cheap source with one oxygen atom -- to build our own water molecules.”

Source: D. Mulhall, Our Molecular Future, 2002 p. 210

and fabricating food
And “Fabricating Food”
  • “primitive stages of molecular assembly” allows millions to have own nanobot-run greenhouse [e.g., one per village or family]
  • “At the next stage of [MNT], food synthesis could occur directly, without growing crops or livestock.” [desktop replicators]

Source: D. Mulhall, Our Molecular Future,2002, p. 211

and who ll pay for this stuff if we don t pay for less now
And Who’ll Pay for This Stuff if We Don’t Pay for Less Now?
  • Kurzweil has shown that exponentiating infotech will yield super-computing nanotubes for pennies
  • Per Mulhall these will design “food fabrication software so quickly that patent legislation can’t keep up”
  • Hughes’ BIG will thus affordably encompass food-water sufficiency
so mnt is a genie but will it move gini
So MNT Is a Genie, But Will It Move GINI?
  • Inequality measure -
  • Income/consumption deviation from a perfectly equal distribution.
  • 0-100 = perfect equality-inequality
  • Japan = 25; Nigeria = 50. Because of better technology? Brazil = 59
  • By itself, T has not effected greater income equality. Might MNT be different?
so which comes first the chicken or the egg
So Which Comes First, the Chicken or the Egg?
  • “There is no absolute link between economic growth and human progress.” …
  • “Conversely, if human progress is to be durable, it must be continuously nourished by economic growth.”

Source: Human Development Report 1990, Chapters 2, 3: UNDP

% Contribution to Mortality Reduction for Income, Education & Technology AvailabilitySources: World Bank,Human Development Report 1990, Chapters 2, 3: UNDP
  • “North-South gaps in human development narrowed considerably during [1960-1990] even though income gaps widened.”
  • “Technical progress accounted for 40-50% of reductions in mortality between 1960-1990, making technology a more important source of gains than higher incomes or education levels for women.”
cell landlines per kp 1990 2002 source human development report 2002 chapter 2 undp
Cell+Landlines Per KP,1990-2002Source: Human Development Report 2002, Chapter 2, UNDP
  • “Technology is like education -- it is a tool to let people lift themselves out of poverty. Thus technology is a tool for, not just a reward of, growth and development.”
  • “Human development and technological advance can be mutually reinforcing, creating a virtuous circle.”
  • 12 Year Growth: Japan 200%, Brazil 550%, Nigeria 3130%!
technology achievement index tai
Technology Achievement Index (TAI)
  • TAI (= IP, tech exports, old+new tech diffusion, & training) correlates better with HDI than does income.
  • Bottom Line of Past Slides: You Don’t Need to Be Rich to Get MNT, But You Do Need to
    • Focus on It Socially
    • Conducive Economics
undp recommendations for optimizing new technology s contribution including mnt to hdi gi 2002
UNDP Recommendations for Optimizing New Technology’s Contribution, Including MNT, to HDI & GI (2002)
  • International Private & Public - Academic TechDev Partnerships
  • Balancing IP Rights
  • Investing in Tropical Technology
  • Institutional Support for Developing Country Initiatives
what mnt can do for poor women in developing world
What MNT Can Do For Poor Women in Developing World
  • Empower “durable human progress” via “virtuous circle” with economic growth
  • Contribute to reducing mortality independent of other factors
  • Tool to lift selves out of poverty.
unique to mnt though women can expect
Unique to MNT, Though Women Can Expect

Acceleration of Progress

  • Machine intelligence can transcend misogynist gatekeepers
  • Possibly only available with self-replicating MNT

Final Equalization of Status; No Poverty

  • MNT could offer de minimis cost to practically satisfy basic human needs
sound too good to be true
Sound Too Good to Be True?
  • So Were Leaps in Life Expectancy, Literacy & Well-Being…But True!
  • The Future Is In Our Hands By Effecting the UNDP Policies
  • Bring ROW Women Into MNT R&D Process
  • Good Place to Start is With TNT for Basic Health Care
women s molecular nanotechnology initiative
FOOD: Pilot Program in Africa to Cheaply Increase Food Supply at Family Level

WATER: Pilot Program in Asia to Nanobotically Obtain Clean Water

SHELTER: Pilot Program in Brazil to Manufacture Cheap Weather-Resistant Building Materials

HEALTH: Pilot Program to TeleDx & TeleDispense (eg ATM) Generic Meds

Women’s Molecular Nanotechnology Initiative
how pay for nanotech for the world s poorest women
How Pay for Nanotech for the World’s Poorest Women?
  • X-Prize Approach, With Much Bigger Numbers
  • Double IP yrs for Anti-Poverty Nanotech
  • Gov’t Contracts (WPA+)
  • World Nanotech Lotto (“For Our Women”)
  • Tax Holiday Until 2050 On MNT-Produced Basic Human Needs (Food, Water, Shelter, Medicines)
3 reasons geoethical mnt is 3rdworld womens best friend
3 Reasons Geoethical MNT is 3rdWorld Womens’ Best Friend
  • Failsafe Poverty Ender
  • Greatest Potential to End Apartheid of Sex
  • Only Way to Realize Our Full Life Potential
    • Ending Poverty Is The Easy Problem, Even Without MNT
    • 3rdW Women Will Next Want Life Extension
    • We Must Do MNT Now For It To Be Ready When 3W Women Are