kurdistan the heart of mesopotamia n.
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Kurdistan The heart of “Mesopotamia” PowerPoint Presentation
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Kurdistan The heart of “Mesopotamia”

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Kurdistan The heart of “Mesopotamia” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kurdistan The heart of “Mesopotamia” . Spring 2012. ESL 156 Culture Studies Presenter : Akam Instructor : Prof. Lyra Riabov. WELCOME Bakherben. Outline. 1. Great Kurdistan 2 . Kurdistan Flag 3 . Iraqi Kurdistan( Kurdistan Region) 4 . Kurdistan Regional government

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kurdistan the heart of mesopotamia

KurdistanThe heart of “Mesopotamia”

Spring 2012

ESL 156 Culture Studies

Presenter : Akam

Instructor: Prof. Lyra Riabov



1. Great Kurdistan

2. Kurdistan Flag

3. Iraqi Kurdistan( Kurdistan Region)

4. Kurdistan Regional government

5. Major cities in Kurdistan

6. Culture

great kurdistan
Great Kurdistan

* Once was a unified Land.

* Second was Divided over two Empires, Ottoman Empire and Safavid Empire.

*Third the Division happened after WWI into five parts:


2. Iran

3. Iraq

4. Syria

5. Armenia

the flag of kurdistan

The Flag of Kurdistan

*Red at the top

*White in the middle

*Green at the bottom

* There is a Sun on the middle

iraqi kurdistan
Iraqi Kurdistan

*Location: north Iraq

*Population: More than 6,000,000

*Ethnics: Kurdish, Turkmens, Arabs, Assyrians and a few other minorities.

*Religion: Islam, Christian, Yazidies

*Weather: four season (Spring, summer, autumn, winter)

kurdistan region

*Kurdistan Region is now a part from Iraq*The Kurdistan Regional Government”(KRG) exercises executive power according to the Kurdistan Parliament assembly.* Iraq’s Constitution recognizes the Kurdistan Regional Government, the Kurdistan National Assembly and the ‘Peshmerga’ guard as a legitimate army.

Kurdistan Region

major cities and my home town
Major cities and my home town



Erbil, the capital city


Rania, my home town



Dance “(Kurdish: Haliperkê)

*A group of hand-holding mixed gender dancers

*A round dancing with a single or couple of figure dancers often added to the geometrical centre.

*Kurdish Haliperke takes place in most of festivals, birthdays, New years, Newroz, Marriage and other ceremonies.




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