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Ancient Babylon

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Ancient Babylon - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ancient Babylon. By Abigail Wiard. Why is Babylon famous. Babylon Was a city thousands of years ago In area called Mesopotamia Mesopotamia means “Land between 2 rivers” Euphrates River Tigris River. Why is Babylon famous. Babylon famous for Buildings Writings Studies of stars

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Ancient Babylon

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ancient babylon

Ancient Babylon

By Abigail Wiard

why is babylon famous
Why is Babylon famous
  • Babylon
    • Was a city thousands of years ago
    • In area called Mesopotamia
    • Mesopotamia means “Land between 2 rivers”
        • Euphrates River
        • Tigris River
why is babylon famous1
Why is Babylon famous
  • Babylon famous for
    • Buildings
    • Writings
    • Studies of stars
    • World’s first written records
      • On clay tablets
  • Babylon was
    • One of first cities in the world
    • The Biggest city in the world
why is babylon famous2
Why is Babylon famous
  • Famous Tower of Babel
    • In the Bible
    • Babylonians wanted it to reach heaven
    • God was angry with them
    • God caused different languages
    • They could not finish tower
why is babylon famous3
Why is Babylon famous
  • Wrote on Clay Tablets
    • Songs
    • Math
    • Laws
    • Stories
    • Love Letters
    • Cuneiform (instead of letters)
why is babylon famous4
Why is Babylon famous
  • Nobody here understands Cuneiform, right?
      • I translated one of the tablets to English
  • Gilgamesh was a famous story in Babylon
  • Written on a clay tablet
  • Gilgamesh was like an ancient super hero
  • The story of Gilgamesh was about
    • Love, friendship, and adventures
  • Gilgamesh and Enkido fought and killed the bull of heaven!
babylonian kings
Babylonian kings
  • Babylon had lots of kings – not Presidents
  • 2 famous kings
    • King Hammurabi
    • King Nebuchadnezzar II
  • Hammurabi was famous because he made the code Hammurabi.
    • It was the law
the codes
The Codes
  • The code of hammrabi has 282 laws.
  • If a son hit his father, the sons hand wuold be cut off.
the codes1
The Codes
  • I think they should have had just one law
    • Remember this one?
king nebuchadnezzar ii
King Nebuchadnezzar II
  • Famous for building huge garden on top of palace
    • Hanging Gardens of Babylon
    • One of Ancient Wonders of the World
    • Built for a woman
planets and stars
Planets and Stars
  • They named 5 planets
    • Mercury
    • Venus
    • Mars
    • Saturn
    • Jupiter


flat roofs
Flat Roofs


  • No electricity
  • No air conditioning
  • Sleeping on house
flat roofs1
Flat Roofs


  • What if…?
flat roofs2
Flat Roofs


  • Don’t Sleep on Your Roof!
differences between babylonians and us1
Differences between Babylonians and us
  • Other differences
    • They did not have lunch
    • They pretty much had no schools
    • If they did have school, no girls went to school
    • But…