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Unit 5 – Executive Branch

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Unit 5 – Executive Branch. Role in Foreign and Domestic Policy. The Cabinet Room. The President's Cabinet. Foreign Policy. Policies the executive branch creates that affect foreign nations Name some examples…. Executive Branch and Foreign Policy.

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unit 5 executive branch

Unit 5 – Executive Branch

Role in Foreign and Domestic Policy

foreign policy
Foreign Policy
  • Policies the executive branch creates that affect foreign nations
  • Name some examples…..
executive branch and foreign policy
Executive Branch and Foreign Policy
  • Establish foreign policy (sanctions, embargos)
  • Negotiate treaties – agreement with a foreign nation Requiring Senate approval (Arms Reduction Treaties)
  • Represent US to foreign nations (UN, NATO)
  • Commander-in-chief – deploy military
  • Nominate ambassadors – represent US in foreign nations
  • Executive agreements - agreement with a foreign nation NOT requiring Senate approval
key foreign countries
Key Foreign Countries
  • Cuba – located 90 miles from coast, entrance to Gulf of Mexico
  • Taiwan – Opposes Communism, the “gateway” to China
  • China – Major source of goods, one of world’s financial leader
  • Middle East (Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan) – Hugh deposits of oil
how us policy affects foreign nations
How US Policy Affects Foreign Nations
  • Oil Fields in the Middle East – ¼ of worlds oil in region – US needing their oil and they need our goods (human rights?)
  • Immigration from Mexico and other Central American nations: Increased immigration has placed strain on economic and educational resources
  • African nations – food / aid / supplies tied to human rights
us economic policy affects foreign nations
US Economic Policy affects Foreign Nations
  • Taiwan – 9th largest trading partner – US does not support Taiwanese Independence
  • China - large market for US goods, we are a major importer, problems include trade deficit, human rights, lax protection of US intellectual property, and currency issues (article)
trade embargoes against
Trade Embargoes against
  • A trade embargo – complete or partial prohibition of trade with a country
  • Cuba
  • Sudan
  • Somalia
  • Congo
  • Iran
  • Syria
  • North Korea
executive branch and trade policy
Executive Branch and Trade Policy
  • Trade Policies: tariffs, import quotas, preferred trade status, trade sanctions and trade agreements (NAFTA)
  • How could these policies impact other nations?
domestic policy
Domestic Policy
  • Policies the executive branch creates that affect here at home
  • Name some examples…..
executive branch actions
Executive Branch Actions…
  • Sign or Veto legislation
  • Executive Orders – Directive, rule or regulation issued by the Chief Executive
  • Federal Budget – fund a little, a lot or not at all
  • Bureaucratic Policies – ie. EPA regulations
fiscal policy
Fiscal Policy
  • Fiscal Policies: Setting of the federal budget, passing laws on taxation, taxing certain products (alcohol and cigarettes)
  • How could this impact the US?