chapter 7 review l.
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Chapter 7 Review

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Chapter 7 Review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 7 Review. Document that sets out the laws and principles of a government. constitution. What is the main part of the Legislative Branch?. Congress. What are the 3 branches of government?. Legislative, Judicial and Executive. Branch of government which makes the laws.

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Chapter 7 Review

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It depends on their population. The more people in a state the more members in the House of Representatives.
The delegates to the Constitutional Convention decided to leave the slave trade alone for how many years?
James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay were part of which group during the ratification debate?
Group of electors from each state that meets every 4 years to vote for the President and Vice President
System set up by the constitution in which each branch of the federal government has the power to control the actions of the other branches
the plan called for each state having 1 vote in congress it favored smaller states
The __?__ Plan called for each state having 1 vote in Congress. It favored smaller states.
It is the final court of appeals. It sees cases where the constitutionality of laws are under discussion.