Ramona s world written by beverly cleary
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Ramona’s World! Written by: Beverly Cleary. By: Megan Norton Music by: Kevin MacLeod. Main Idea.

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Ramona s world written by beverly cleary

Ramona’s World! Written by: Beverly Cleary

By: Megan Norton

Music by: Kevin MacLeod

Main idea
Main Idea

  • The main idea in this book was Ramona becoming friends with a new student at school. They met on the first day of school and Ramona introduced Daisy to her old group of friends. Daisy became part of the group.

Favorite character
Favorite Character

  • My favorite character is Ramona Quimby. She is very silly and likes to have fun. She loves to play at the park on the rings. She compares her calluses with her friends.

  • Ramona has a new baby sister, so she helps her mother do things around the house. Ramona is very responsibleat home, like when she takes care of her friend Daisy’s cat.

Plot line
Plot Line

  • The exposition in the book is Ramona going to her first day of school.

  • The 2 rising actions are Ramona meeting a girl named Daisy, and seeing all of her old friends.

  • The climax in the book is Ramona not liking her teacher because she thinks her teacher only likes good spellers.

  • The 2 falling actions are Ramona going to her friend Daisy’s house, and falling through the ceiling.

  • The resolution is Ramona has a big party for her 10th birthday at the park.

What happens at the end
What happens at the end

  • At the end of this book Ramona has a party for her 10th birthday. She goes to the park and invites all of her friends.

  • Ramona invites a girl named Susan who starts to cry because she thinks no one likes her; they only like Ramona. Ramona and her mother make Susan feel better. Ramona’s friends join in and they all end up becoming friends and going to play on the rings.


  • The genre of this book is realistic fiction.

  • The poem I picked to represent this book is about friendship the title is “My Friend” by Sammy Lane Sharp.

  • This poem reminds me of the book because it talks about friends, like Ramona and Daisy. This poem talks about depending on a friend, like Ramona. When Ramona takes care of daisy’s cat, she is a dependable friend as written in the poem.