cholera a dreaded infection n.
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Cholera - A Dreaded Infection PowerPoint Presentation
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Cholera - A Dreaded Infection

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Cholera - A Dreaded Infection - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The fact is it can outbreak anywhere in the world, so if you're planning to travel it is important to take cholera vaccine London to stay on the safer side during your stay abroad.

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Cholera - A Dreaded Infection

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cholera a dreaded infection

Cholera - A Dreaded Infection

Cholera is a diarrhoeal infection that is a severe threat particularly in developing and

under-developed nations where sanitation standards are poor. Most cholera cases

are reported in African countries, but that does not mean that if you are living in a

developed country cholera won't outbreak there. The fact is it can outbreak

anywhere in the world, so if you're planning to travel it is important to take cholera

vaccine London to stay on the safer side during your stay abroad.

The cholera bacteria are passed in the bowel motions of an infected person, which

makes it very important to wash your hands before you go to toilet. In both under-

developed and developing countries there are high chances of drinking water being

contaminated with the bacteria. If you're planning to travel to any under-developed

or developing country or continent, it becomes very important for you to be extra

cautious regarding your personal hygiene and also make sure that you rent

accommodation with neat and clean surroundings.

Cholera Symptoms

Around 75% of people who are infected with cholera do not develop any symptoms.

One of the main reasons how they are able to get infected with cholera is that the

bacteria stay in their excretion for 7-14 days, potentially infecting other people too.

Symptoms of cholera begin to show all of a sudden- sometimes showing up as soon

as within couple of hours of drinking contaminated water or eating contaminated

food. In healthy travellers there is usually a mild cholera and diarrhoea may be the

only symptom. In severe cases of cholera, symptoms can be following:

watery diarrhoea needing to go to toilet

Watery diarrhoea

Needing to go to toilet too frequently

Severe dehydration

Severe dehydration can become the main cause of kidney failure and death. Adults

and children are most affected by cholera. So, if you have kids accompanying to you

to foreign tour you should not take any chances with this dreaded infection. It can

be so severe that it can kill within hours, and people with low immunity stand to

suffer greater loss when and if they become infected with the cholera.

You must be thinking what to do in a case if you've got cholera. Well, the first thing

you need to do is not panic and seek immediate medical attention from a licensed

physician if you notice any symptoms related with cholera.

All travel vaccine recommendations can change due to seasonal variations, but

qualified and competent travel clinics have access to latest updates and changes

made to travel health services. Cholera vaccination is made to drink in a liquid form,

rather than an injection. You are given cholera vaccination under the supervision of

an experienced travel doctor who makes sure that you are also given proper set of

instructions you need to follow before or after taking this medicine.

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